I’d like to be able to donate to a list of donees (donation split between them) when I make a transaction, and in proportion to the transaction (say 1%). That way businesses can attract my custom by offering to match the donation when I shop with them, doubling my donation for free. I guess this would be popular with donors, and as businesses compete for their custom, could become the norm on transactions.

It’d only take 0.7% of all transactions to raise the same amount of money as tax raises now (because the volume of transactions is so large compared to the current tax base of income etc.), and we’d be choosing where that money would be going instead of those decisions being centralised. We could vote for governments that would accept donations to public services against taxes owed, and lower taxes accordingly until they were unnecessary because we’d all figured out what things are valuable. Rather than paying 20-40% of our income, we’d pay a small percent on transactions, so a few hundred pounds typically.

Because we’re free to donate to as many donees as we like (because the donation is split), we could donate to the same public services in other countries as the ones we like in our own, and vice versa. This would have an equalising effect as even at the same rate of donation, people in richer countries make more and larger transactions, so they’d make more and larger donations. It would be as if we were living in the same country, i.e. the world as one.

I’ve been working on a web app so you can choose your donees. I’m going to try to link it up to the Monzo API, but I think it could be better as a part of the Monzo app itself.


It occurred to me today that a donee is just a special case of a virtual savings account, with a minimum donation, and a sort code and account number to send the money to when the savings go over the minimum donation.