Donations freezing app

Issue: I don’t currently have any donations in app but when clicking the “your donations” button it freezes the app on the screen below and I have to force close the app.

Details to reproduce: Go to donations and click your donations
OS: iOS 16.6
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
App Version: 5.37.0


I had this bookmarked and was meant to test and reply sooner but I:

  1. Forgot.
  2. Can never remember how to find donations.

Now I’ve found it, I’ve tested it, and I can’t reproduce the issue.

I’m on a 14 pro, iOS 17 beta something (the buggiest one; 4 or 5), same app version.

This is the screen I see when I follow your instructions:

The app doesn’t crash either.

Might be time to run the app through the old delete, restart phone, reinstall saga.


Was able to reproduce on v5.36.0 5360052 (TestFlight)

Fixed in latest TestFlight version

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