Dogs Trust Debit Card by Currensea

Not sure how this went unnoticed in the fintech circles I’m apart of. Launched over a month ago but I only just saw it today.

Interesting idea. I wonder if it’s something other charities will copy. I can see it being fairly popular among folks who like to support Dogs Trust and want to be able to do so passively without actually costing them anything.


It’s similar to the “old days” of affinity credit cards, which user to be so popular.

Well, I might have to reopen my Currensea account…

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Does this work with starling or monzo. Is it a prepaid card?

Only these seemingly.


Gives you extra security and makes your bank work that bit harder for you

Wonder why they’re making their claim? It just sits in front of your bank so can’t see how?

Because it sits in front of your account, I imagine.

If you lose your card or it gets stolen, it’s not your bank card, and I presume they’ll have a setting somewhere to temporarily block or delink it from your bank.

Working harder in the sense it’s meant to save you money abroad over using your bank account, and it does do that too.

Seems like reasonable claims to me.

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Can’t tell if I’m eligible for a Dogs Trust card on my existing Currensea account.

The old “affinity” cards used to give about 0.5% I think. Currensea are quite coy a out how much they’re donating. They mention “pennies” but there’s nothing obvious about how many pennies.

Probably hidden in T&C somewhere but I suspect Dogs Trust would be better off trying to persuade fewer people to donate a quid a month.

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It’ll probably just a small cut of the interchange.

But it also seems to involve some tools to help you give more, such as calculating what you’ve saved in fx fees by using currensea and donating a portion of the money you saved to Dogs Trust, or savings round ups and donating the roundup.

And you can also donate directly or set up a recurring one via currensea, it seems.

I imagine the people this will mostly appeal to will already support Dog’s Trust in some fashion or would rather something less committed.

I’m personally quite a fan of the whole roundups donation features some banks offer, and prefer that approach over others.

I don’t object to the concept. I do use the charity donations at M&S, and the now defunct Amazon Smile. And I suppose anything is better than nothing.

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it dosnt seem its a card you can order at the start unless im missing some thing ?