Does Monzo offer a joint account?

I’d love to have this feature too!


I’m really keen for some way of keeping track of split expenses… or having a joint mondo account… or anything like this.

Currently I use splitwise with my girlfriend… but it can make the tracking of expenses with mondo not that useful, as some things I’m owed half the money for… and others aren’t captured on mondo but I owe half of that.

Integration with split wise would be awesome.


I would also like to throw my support behind this as a feature. I have a joint bank account with my wife and being able to share a joint Mondo account with a card is an essential feature for us to switch completely to Mondo once you become a fully fledged bank.


A +1 from me. I think the ability to have a joint account and a seperately account is frankly vital in the modern world. Not only for spouses but, for example, my sister and her 3 house mates have one joint account for bills that they all pay into. I think, personally, mondo would miss out on a huge opportunity if it can’t cater for students doing this as well as traditional couples with joint finances.

We have a hybrid of joint finances. We have a joint bills, food and a joint savings account: we then have personal savings and a personal current account each for our own spending.


I’ve just applied for a Mondo card and I’m pretty excited by it all, but the development of joint cards will be pretty essential for me when it comes to whether or not I use Mondo long term. The biggest issue we have is tracking food spend (and not spending ridiculous amounts) and currently use an app, but a joint Mondo would make it so much easier.


I’d also like a mondo-like solution for Joint accounts.

The best idea I’ve had so far is a single mondo account that can be split into any number of virtual accounts. Then each person gets a card that defaults to one of those accounts.

Since it’s just one bank account under the hood you can do things like move transactions between accounts (or split them) rather than funding an account so that the transaction is covered.

I put my ideas for this here: Virtual Joint Accounts


We have seperate accounts but mine is in joint names for two reasons.

  1. If I suddenly die and have most of the money (as I have the higher income at the moment) then the joint account allows to bills to carry on being paid and my wife to get at what money is left over (not much).

  2. I’ve been caught twice by a cheque (from a bank) made out in joint names that our individual accounts simply refused to accept. The last was for £800 although it was a while ago now.

I think I’d need convincing that a single user account was the way to go in the future before I’d be prepared to fully migrate my banking.


Me and my wife currently have joint accounts and would love to have this feature. I do all our banking and budgeting so having a joint account makes it far easier. All our money currently goes in and out of the same point and I would love to continue doing that with Mondo. It may even be the deal breaker for me switching.

Tom talked about joint accounts in yesterday’s video, there’s a link to the video in the quoted post.

Simple just launched Shared (joint) accounts:

Two cards, one account: With Simple Shared, you’re two players on one team: You’re still your own people, with your own accounts, but with shared saving, spending, and features like Safe-to-Spend and Goals, your financial life becomes a collaboration.

I know this is a way off yet for Monzo team, but always interesting to see how others are tackling the challenge / opportunity


Yes, I am also keen to see a Joint account with two cards that link to it. Sooner the better really as I would like to track total family expenditure. The monzo card is far less useful for family tracking if its just for one person.

Bill Splitting is a smarter and more modern approach to the traditional joint account. According to the Trello roadmap, we can expect to see it within the next 3 months, although I expect it’ll be at sooner rather than later end of that period.

Sounds like a great idea, I have just recieved my card, my fiancée wasn’t too bothered but I thought it was a great idea for simple stuff like food shopping.

So I think something like this could be great, or like the option to assign part of the moey to different things, I.e if you had 100 pounds on the card but assign 50 for food shopping you can only spend the other 50

That’s on it’s way in the form of…

Which is due in the next 6-9 months, according to the roadmap.

Although we don’t know how strict the saving function will be yet, my guess is it won’t be strict at all & you’ll still have easy access to these funds. Stopping spending over a certain amount has been discussed here but as Jack mentions in that thread, it doesn’t seem practical.

I should be getting my card today or tomorrow, so I haven’t actually seen the budgeting features yet. But from what I’ve read about it, having a joint account with Monzo would make household budgeting so much easier.

As it stands my other half and I have our own separate finances and each put some money into a joint account each month to cover bills / mortgage / food shopping etc. This would mean that a huge portion of my monthly expenditure would be lumped together, rather than tracked as different expenses by Monzo.

Another great option might be having separate Monzo accounts and having the option link them so that at point of sale yo u could hit “this is a shared cost” and have the accounts split the bill automatically regardless of who paid for it.

tl;dr: +1 for joint accounts.

My guess is that Monzo will wait until after current accounts are launched before setting up functionality to link different users accounts.

Bill payments will get a lot more attention once direct debits are possible.

In the meantime, a version of your second request

is on it’s way - bill splitting is on the roadmap.

In addition to a joint account it would be handy to get the kids (teenage) a prepaid card you can top from one account. I suppose you could p2p a payment?

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To continue the discussion about Joint accounts, I’m linking this post (and subsequent replies) here.

Then in response to

This gets closer, and could work, although in many cases, I suspect people with a joint account don’t see a distinction between the shared/personal payment .

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Myself and many others I know, would still prefer to have a personal account as well a joint one. Understandable for various reasons, gift purchases for one. Plus in some cases the person they share a joint account with may not be eligible for an overdraft and therefore they wouldn’t be either, so they keep a personal account with an overdraft as an extra safety net.


I agree, and this solution possibly (probably) solves both problems.

For people wanting a traditional joint account, they transfer all money into the shared account (either by standing order after payday, or alternatively by paying into it directly if it has its own account number), and then set the default account on their card to be the shared account.

For people wanting a shared and personal account they just don’t transfer everything into the shared account and switch when necessary.

In this scenario marking certain known payments as “always shared” would be a nice addition although not strictly necessary (i.e. I know that any payments to my mortgage provider are always shared etc.).

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