Does Monzo let you volunteer in their work? (How's that rephrase?)

Exactly that, or something like focus groups or outside input. Like for example, I help build a package for customer accounts, so giving input into things like Monzo plus. I think all of this has been taken a bit out of context!

Ah see this is the thing, I’m not short of work or don’t have a job. I just really really really want to work for Monzo. My background is banking and startups, I like both, Monzo fits the bill (I think anyway).

Anyway, I do agree with you to a certain extent. I think what I was trying to say is the end goal is putting myself in a stronger position of employability. If it didn’t help at all, as much as I love Monzo, of course I would put that skill and energy into something more charitable (sounds a bit selfish when I put it like that).

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That’s great that you have a passion for this company.

But until you are a paid employee, I’d suggest looking at other ways to improve your CV.

Again, nothing personal, but your passion and enthusiasm remains unaccountable to me as a customer of Monzo. Let’s say you are 3 weeks into a ‘study’ or somesuch and something better comes along… another fintech bank offers you a full-time position… what then? and what knock-on impact to Monzo and their planning?

I know of no profit based company that would work in this manner. Getting feedback on a forum is not the same as it’s advisory and there are paid people who have the responsibility to gather it and act (or not) on it.


Well I think your example of walking away can happen even if I was paid employed? Reality is, people come and go all the time with better offers. Unless you’re referring to a handover period not existing because I’m a volunteer?

To be honest I just wanted to know if anyone had heard of Monzo doing anything like this. Now you’ve all got me questioning the process and mapping it out in my head. Technically you’ve now all me made work for Monzo for free! (just joking) :joy:

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Yes employed people can leave and as you say a handover is typical required (good practice at least).

Here’s another thought; you’ve stated you are not short of work, so isn’t your grabbing of ‘free work’ somewhere potentially denying someone else the chance to do that work as their job? Isn’t this zero hours contract work under an ‘enthusiastic’ guise?

Regardless. I wish you well in your concerted efforts to draw attention to your desire to work for Monzo and hope your next applications are more successful.

Volunteering for a charity activities in spare time is a great thing, but office volunteers are tricky even at charities.

It’s hard to find tasks that are actually beneficial for the volunteer to gain experience in, while actually being appropriate for a volunteer to be doing. Many roles require access to data that’s not really appropriate to give access to a non-employee.

In other area’s where that sort of thing isn’t such an issue, most office volunteers end up being graduates who’s parents can afford to pay their living costs, and then those volunteers get most of the entry level positions due to that experience.

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This is very helpful and insightful. Back to the drawing board.

Thank you!

What role were you applying for?

Product Operations Manager - New Features.

I applied for another role three weeks ago and haven’t heard back. So have assumed it’s my 2nd failed application.

Was trying to think of things you could do on the forum to get noticed but I’m drawing a blank really :grimacing:

They don’t do internships or placements so I doubt they’d do volunteer like you suggested

Hang around the forum and get to know the tone of voice stuff, how staff communicate with customers and if you can get to open office events to talk to the staff. That might give you a better idea about how to Monzoify your application so you look like a perfect fit

Idk, it’s tough with so many applications for all positions


I appreciate your effort into thinking of ways to achieve it!

I’ll put some more ideas and conversations on here as you suggest.


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