Does Monzo let you volunteer in their work? (How's that rephrase?)

Couple roles accompanied with a couple failed applications.

I need to do something out of the box. I used to be quite active on the forums (currently on a new account as corrupted keychain lost a throwaway account I have).

Looking to use what skills I have to stand out where I can :slight_smile:

That being said, I should be supporting the Monzo community on these forums more, so see ya around :v:

EDIT: So to summarise, the answer is no, Monzo do not do it :joy:. And I shouldn’t be doing it regardless! Thanks for coming to my TedTalk…

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If you failed the applications then I can’t see why they’d hire you for free. What feedback did you get from your applications?

Being active on here will certainly help you gain product knowledge, keep up to date with what’s going on and how staff handle things etc. I imagine this will help in any role you apply for at Monzo :slight_smile:

You want to give your labour away for free for a company to profit off of at your expense?

Your worth more than that, everyone is.


I couldn’t get it, because they were overwhelmed with applicants they couldn’t provide feedback at this stage.

Also, you’re usually first to comment on my posts, do we know each other :joy:

Just a coincidence I think :laughing:

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I appreciate the pick me up, but it’s a minor measure (not a lot of work) to stand out.

Honestly no different if I started to make the effort of going to meet ups events etc, it’s effort into something I’m genuinely interested in, I don’t view it as paid labour being thrown away for free, because I wouldn’t keep doing it if I was 10 hours in and not getting anywhere :rofl:

They’re a billion dollar + company. They can afford to pay people

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Your missing a core aspect. Meet-up events is for you, just like putting in free hours in your own business, you own the business. You’re not giving your labour away.

Working for monzo for free is giving them your labour at no cost to them for them to make a profit off your work. It’s exploitative. They have enough money to pay people, the moment someone says you can work for them for free, run.

There are other ways to stand out and other ways to gain experience. But there is no way in this world you should be giving away your labour like that.

That’s not my point, I’m not saying they can’t afford people. I’m saying I wanted to do something to stick out a little.

Additionally it raises the question of a person’s motives if they’re working for free.
I’m not saying you have ulterior motives, but for a bank they’d rather not have any questions around that.

Tis a fair point.

Having a banking background, I didn’t even think of that.

May I suggest working for someone who values your skills?

Why work for someone who doesn’t want you?

It’s not a case of being valued. Right let’s say an role gets 500 applicants, on the same skill, you don’t get picked based on not standing out, it’s a numbers game.

I’m a freelance project/product manager. I remember I wasn’t getting traction on various sites, then I offered to do a couple projects for free to get a portfolio, and it resulted in a lot more traction and eventual recruitment from another company

I’m trying to apply the same concept here, albeit slightly different :slight_smile:

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Go somewhere else where there’s less competition, you clearly have experience. Why would you give it away to a for profit company?

Give away your skills to a non profit or charity instead.

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Now I feel bad…

I don’t see what the problem with someone saying they want to see how they can improve their CV for prospective employers (including Monzo) is.

Why would you especially want to give away your skills to a non-profit or a charity? Profit isn’t relevant in whether a company pays their staff or not, if you’re getting pedantic on that Monzo arent’t a profit-making company since they’re running a loss.

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Personally I would rather a company I rely on (any bank) did not have to rely on ‘free’ work from anyone.

Charities sure, but where is the accountability if you are working for free. You start something then a better, paid, opportunity comes along and you can just drop everything? No thanks.

Not having a go at you personally, but just don’t like this approach. If a company can’t pay employees to do something then it’s an issue.


I’m sure toms salary and shares would disagree.

Why aren’t they all working for monzo for fee then?

Monzo pays salary, or doing so is inherently exploitative. Your skills have value and simply shouldn’t be given away for someone else to make money off of for nothing in return.

Monzo is a for profit bank who’s goal is to make money, and shouldn’t, if they had any sense of ethics do so on the free labour of others.

That wasn’t my intention, I just feel that it’s a horrible idea :smile: a company that doesn’t want to pay you or will willingly accept your free labour doesn’t value you.

And I know there’s project manager jobs out there, my company is always looking for them. Around 130 of them (give or take specialist roles and some false positives)

That 500 people applied for one role at monzo makes me wonder if a lot of them applied because of the good marketing monzo dos for its brand and not if it’s a good position or not.

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What is it that you want to do (apologies if you’ve said already I only skimmed the thread)?

Would a Hackathon be beneficial?

This is fair response, but I didn’t mean anything with personal, confidential data etc, can you imagine!

I purely meant on input on product development, like focus groups, something collaborative.