Does Monzo hire project managers?

(Darius Fahimifar) #1

I’m very interested in working for Monzo, have been for a while now. I’ve checked their job listings over the years or so, but have never come across a PM role.

Has anyone spoken to or met a PM from Monzo?

I mean if anyone at Monzo is seeing this, I’ve got 4 years of managing projects for a large bank in their IT and regulatory departments.

And am currently leading a development team to build a social media platform using blockchain technology.

I also make a mean cup of tea…

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #2

I don’t recall seeing one on here but then again job titles are generally not listed on profiles.

Have you can signed up for alerts on the careers page?

Other than that all I can suggest is that you state where you’re from because Monzo have a few offices now :slight_smile:

(Nathan) #3

I’d say the go down more the Scrum Master/Leader path?

Whereby a more senior dev/architect actually is the pm saying as they have such small dev teams of 3/4 people?

(Darius Fahimifar) #4

Probably right, as even though it’s still a large workforce, maybe not large enough to warrant PM’s being needed right now.

Right now the team I manage I liaise with the scrum master who does the standard product grooming, daily stand ups etc with the dev team. I manage the whole project development alongside other areas like marketing and what not.

(Darius Fahimifar) #5

I have indeed, although was wondering if kept my eye off the ball and they had uploaded a PM job or not.

Also I’m from Brighton while working in London. Tee ol’ Commute that doesn’t work scene.


From what I’ve seen Monzo hire Product Managers but not Project Managers.

What that means can vary a lot, here is one post about it.