Does anyone use an account aggregator alongside Monzo?

Yolt is currently 2 days behind on my Virgin Atlantic CC and three other banks still not synced in weeks :frowning:

I’m good with money so I would be extremely surprised if it could find savings of over a month and year!!

I’ve used Yolt and Money Dashboard on Android. Both are really buggy. Yolt’s user experience was so bad I’ll never use it again - you have to verify your identity using lots of data, selfies and photos of ID. 9 times out of 10 it would fail with an unhelpful error suggesting you start again. Both are now limited to Open Banking, which means that some credit cards are no longer supported (e.g. Aqua and Amazon cards by NewDay). Both apps have intermittent problems connecting to different banks. Having 6 current accounts, 6 credit cards and 3 savings accounts though, I really can’t be bothered manually updating a spreadsheet.

I think you’ll run into this issue with most aggregators these days. Connection based on screen scraping is not really viable anymore.

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Yes indeed, I don’t think it’s allowed now, so that’s a limitation for any aggregator.

All the aggregators will offer NewDay connections again, as soon as the API is available

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