Does anybody ever do a search before asking a question?


We seem to have an influx of people asking the same questions or making the same suggestions

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Using existing card while waiting for new card [Prepaid Beta]
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Evidently not, even though it even comes up on the right when you start a topic!

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Just in case

(Hugh) #4

Please. Save. Me.

I’ve answered the same question 3 or 4 times on the Current Account topic. It is a question answered in the blog post.

(Henry Pedro) #5

@alexs @Naji @jzw95 @tomsr or forum reps. can we have a stickie on the FAQ (or wiki) in light of the recent news of the upcoming currents accounts so that it saves people having to ask the same questions over and over?

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Wouldn’t matter, you will still get people ignoring it and just making new threads.

(Henry Pedro) #7

i hear that. at least if its there then we can refer people to it.

(Hugh) #8

And it means the Current Account thread might stop growing exponentially with people asking whether they can keep using their prepaid card…


FAQ (Simplified) :wink:

(Tom ) #10

This has come up before. We’ll have a chat and see if there is a solution we can put in place. Users do get a welcome email when joining the community, but perhaps we need a quick ‘cheat’ guide as a sticky post somewhere.

I do feel like I’m merging a lot more topics than normal, but that’s Alex’s fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hugh) #11

Or @Danny’s :wink:

If in doubt, blame Danny

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lol not me dude, I blame @alexs jumping ship to a quieter forum


Ha… Just commented on your other thread with similar point.
Click the :mag: and do just as you are Googling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tom, you make a good point about an introductory email as a guide. Those who are more frequent and savvy users should be aware that the community has massive potential for growth and us users are already a “mixed ability group” when it comes to IT and social media.
As the number of Monzo customers grows, more users will be one-off users and inexperienced too.

(Michael Vorta) #17

Maybe if the documentation was better then this wouldn’t happen.

Neither the pre-paid card nor the bank account seem to come with clear simple documentation. I would like to see detailed documentation with screenshots of every step and procedure with the app and the cards.

  • How do I setup standing orders?
  • How do I change details of regular payees?
  • What is Monzo’s policy and practice for monitoring for suspicious transactions and blocking cards that are being abused?

and so on…

I can find bits and bobs scattered around the forum or blog. Sometimes conflicting information. Bottom line is I shouldn’t have to search around and wade through posts.

Where is the detailed documentation?

(Hugh) #18

That’s a good point. Maybe @Naji might be able to look into doing this?


My post was more related to the constant ‘can i keep my prepaid card’, ‘I’ve thought of a great idea, let’s have savings goals’, ‘I need a joint account’ etc questions

These have been discussed endlessly and the most cursory of searches would have found them.

(Rika Raybould) #20

At a very high level, we believe that if this level of documentation is required, our designers have not done their job well. :sweat_smile:

The real answer is that at this stage, many of the policies and features are still not finished. This is one of the major reasons we have the current account preview.

However, we will be continuing to work on the in-app help articles and machine learning search that you see in the prepaid app by rewriting, updating, and adding more current account relevant articles for the full public launch of the current accounts. We may also look at producing another series of How to Monzo with some different hosts for more guided tours of features rather than Q&A style help.

On the subject of fraud and abuse though, much of it depends on a long list of technicalities and rules. If you have any concerns in this area, you should always contact support so we can take a look. :slightly_smiling_face:


Spot on. I am really happy to see this. At work we have an invoice approval system that is so non-intuitive, every request to approve an invoice includes the link to the usage guide…

(Michael Vorta) #22

Sorry to seem argumentative but this still sounds scattered. I want a simple, single page with idiot proof screenshots and walk throughs.

“we believe that if this level of documentation is required, our designers have not done their job well.”

That’s is the sort of thing I expect to hear from my (grown up) children. I am in my 50’s and live a long way from the youthful buzz of London. I find computers a LONG way from obvious and know I irritate my kids with questions about them. Just give me a simple page with screenshots.

You can always update it when things change!