Doctor Who Season 11


I really didn’t like him :grimacing: probably because I’m not used to the accent coming from that face.

But the acting was spot on :see_no_evil:

(Nick) #102

He’s a Scottish actor doing a Scottish accent, though…


“I decided to do his voice like those politicians who are from Scotland, like Malcolm Rifkind and Michael Forsyth, but are trying to pretend they are from England with a strange hybrid of the accents.”

Not quite ‘Scottish’ then, I’ll grant.


I watched him in the Good Wife, and he was very American :see_no_evil:

(you’re not wrong, obv, I’ve just only heard him as American, so was confused)

(Nick) #104

To me he’ll always be Sebastian Flight. :joy:

(Colin Robinson) #105

Oh dearie me!

(Foxy) #107

He’ll always be Boris to me!!


(Simon B) #108

13th is gonna meet the Daleks for the first time in the New Year special!!! :grin::grin::fire::fire::fire:

This is going to be epic.

(#savetheseabass) #109

I’m getting a bit bored of them just rolling out the Daleks all the time. I know why they do it but just seems like a check list of things they have to do


I can’t make a conclusive opinion on this season yet. I seem to like every other episode and then find the other fairly boring. I’ve not felt theirs been any “ok” episodes, just great ones or really terrible ones. Not convinced by the new writers really

(Simon B) #111

There’s been an entire season of new enemies, though. At some point The Doctor has to encounter some of the more persistent ones.

@ChrisBeldam I think the season has been pretty spectacular so far. For me, “The Woman Who Fell To Earth”, “Rosa”, “Demons of Punjab”, “The Witchfinders” and “It Takes You Away” were all top notch.


I like how before the season started I asked for some more gritty episodes and they’ve definitely delivered that! All they need to do to get me convinced is when the Master/Missy (depending on who play’s the character) returns, it needs to be more as real villain and a little less comical. That would really convince me it’s been a good season

(Simon B) #113

Michelle Gomez is off playing the evil demoness in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and doing an incredible job of it so I don’t think she’ll be back. Given that The Master wasn’t present during the entire Matt Smith run, and then heavily in the Capaldi run, I don’t see Chris Chibnall bringing them back any time soon. He seems to be more focused on creating new villains.

I just want someone to bring Omega back!


Oh definitely!!! I really like that series, was super odd at first but really enjoing it now.

That’s true hadn’t thought of that!

I’m surprised since the whole ‘saving galifrey’ thing, they haven’t tried to bring back any original who characters. I was expecting that to be a big thing but they’ve not really referenced it at all since it happened

(MikeF) #115

I think this has been the strongest first season for a new Doctor for years. Capaldi’s first two were ropey (sorry) and I don’t remember being too impressed with the initial Smith run.

I guess I’m not the hugest fan of the Moffat era. :smile:

(Simon B) #116

Incredible episode today… anyone else watch it?

(#savetheseabass) #117

Recorded it, will watch tomorrow :hear_no_evil:

(Colin Robinson) #118

But if course!

Now the long wait for the next series. :policewoman::package:
(No Tardis emoji so you’ll have to make do with police + box)

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(Neil) #120

It was great.
Surprised at how much they managed to pull in the slower family stuff with the menace of a single Dalek. In some ways, a single powerful Dalek is always more scary than loads.

In a sense, this was the true season finale.


I’m really on the fence about doctor who in general, the writing for each episode seems to flip flop between “great!” and “oh ok that wasn’t bad” in my opinion :confused:. I enjoyed the new years episode though