Doctor Who Season 11

(Simon B) #1

So a clip leaked out about a week ago, of what appears to be the opening scene of Episode 1. I couldn’t resist and watched it, and it’s already clear from just this short clip that Jodie is an amazing choice for The Doctor.

I’m so amped for the new season!

There were some theories that the BBC leaked the clip deliberately to build hype, but it seems that’s not the case and they aren’t too happy about it.

(Phil) #2

I would just like to add that my late great uncle wrote the original series.
I win. :rofl:

(Simon B) #3

WHAT!!! Who was your uncle???


Big doctor who fan but feel the whole show has got very boring and repetitive over recent series i.e roll out the daleks every season when things get a bit stale.

I’d like them the series to contain a few more darker and more sinister episodes likes classic who often did. I also think now Gallifrey is “saved” they should reintroduce some more of the Time Lords, seeing as the whole “I am the last one left” is really dead and buried now.

(Simon B) #5

Series 11 is a HUGE change. Not just a new Doctor but a new showrunner (Chris Chibnall who did Broadchurch and a lot of Torchwood).

New series composer too, and rumour about a huge tech upgrade in terms of the way they film to give a more cinematic feel.

There weren’t any Daleks in Season 10, aside from a brief cameo. They weren’t the main villain in any of the Season 10 episodes as far as I can remember.

(#savetheseabass) #6

She’s a brilliant actress, looking forward to it. Have only dipped in and out the series since David Tennant quit as other 2 were nowhere near as good. Thought the whole point of The Master going back to Gallifrey was for the Doctor to follow :woman_shrugging:


Also think the Master or “Missy” has become more of a gimmicky character over the last few series in that the Master used to be genuinely evil but now is more like a pantomime villain. Think he/she whoever is in that role should go back to how the character was delgado played it, i.e evil villain, calculated plan etc

(Jack) #8

A film set is being built in a old quarry on a mountain not far from my house, people are saying it’s for Dr Who.

I went to have a nose the other day :eyes:

Potential spoiler photos

I use to love watching Dr Who, I haven’t fell out with it I just generally don’t watch much TV anymore.
I think shes a great fit as the Dr.

(#savetheseabass) #9

John Simm’s first Master appearance was brilliant. When he did it again it was a parody of itself and then Missy… :pensive:


I thought Simm’s master was much better he was genuinely crazy! Missy could have been great but they just made her a joke and threw comedy at her which is not the Master at all

(Simon B) #11

I actually like when the Master is a bit pantomime-y. My favourite classic Master was the version played by Anthony Ainley. I think it’s possible for the Master to be both quite dark at times and quite comedic at others. After all, The Doctor is the same way (particularly 7th Doctor, 8th Doctor, War Doctor, 9th Doctor and 10th Doctor at times) and the underlying thread is that they’re basically the same, just with different goals.

(Phil) #12

This guy.

(Simon B) #13

That’s phenomenal! The first ever episode. Very cool.


Completely agree, I just feel recently they haven’t got this balance right at all.

Definitely, I’m hoping now there is a big change with the doctor being female that they might break the character out of the same generic storyline that the doctor was stuck in. Plus if Bradley Walsh really is the companion that’s going to be great

(Phil) #15

Yup yup.
My little claim to fame, I guess.

(#savetheseabass) #16

The companion is going to be key. Last decent one was Catherine Tate. Could do the serious and the comedy lines. I just wanted Amy Pond to hurry up and be exterminated.


Clara was the worst. I stopped watching it because she was so annoying and forced. I really was happy when she left the show


I am just much more into the doctor who series when Terry Nation was in charge. I’m not a massive fan of any of the new ones except the David Tennant series

(Jedihomer Townend) #19

I’m looking forward to it… I really didn’t like Moffat’s tenure, so am super looking forward to a fresh showrunner and writers…

(Simon B) #20

I’d have to say that my biggest concern is probably that I didn’t think much of the episodes that Chibnall wrote over the last few seasons.

Having said that, being the showrunner is markedly different to being a contributing writer. So we’ll see.