Do we want a Big Christmas 2022 Poll? What should we ask?

In years gone by, we’ve done some Christmas wish-lists and other Big Polls. My question to you is: should we do another one this year?

Big Christmas Poll?
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  • No

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Autocloses on 28th November.

You wish is (probably) my command. Ts and Cs* apply.

*There are no terms and conditions


If you did want a poll, here’s a wiki to help create what options we want. Basically, fill it with things you’d like Monzo to develop, big or small. If there’s a link to an existing topic on here all the better!

This is a wiki :point_down: - to add an item tap/click on the edit button and add your own requests!

  • Merchants view on Trends
  • Plan future expenditure in Trends
  • Chase in open banking
  • (iOS) Show confirmation screens before sending money to settle up shared tabs and cancelling direct debits
  • (iOS) Searching the feed should search the original merchant data, not just the enriched data
  • Functioning merchant enrichment system
  • Cheque imaging (UK)
  • Check imaging (scan checks to pay them in) (US)
  • Send checks (US)
  • Post Office for paying in cash (UK)
  • Pay in cash (US)
  • Show a proper account screen for Flex with all the transactions made on the virtual card (US)
  • Cheaper, software only, tier below Plus (UK)
  • Virtual cards for joint accounts
  • Custom categories for joint accounts (UK)
  • Connected accounts for joint accounts
  • Google Sheets export for joint accounts
  • Google Sheets export (US)
  • Google Sheets exports for connected accounts
  • Google Sheets exports for Flex
  • Export pot transactions (e.g. virtual card payments directly from pots)
  • Fix Google Sheet export issues (no merchant for interest or for Plus/Premium payments)
  • Higher interest on Plus/Premium (UK)
  • Search by merchant, category, time and location on Android.
  • Ability to create and save filters so you can see a subset of your feed easily.
  • A native rules engine (IF this happens, THEN do that - e.g. move money between pots, add a note etc).
  • Reset Trends/Summary periods automatically when wages received.
  • Manual connected accounts
  • Split the bill / shared tabs for connected accounts
  • No maximum limit for the number of pots you can have (or a higher limit)
  • More virtual cards (UK)
  • Single use virtual cards (UK)
  • Export connected account transactions
  • Option to toggle the feed between merchant and category logos
  • Show Starling spaces for connected Starling accounts (UK)
  • Platform parity issues
  • Garmin Pay! (And Badger Pay, obvs)
  • keep data for closed connected accounts
  • Notes and tags for connected accounts
  • Split the bill / shared tabs for connected accounts
  • View your mortgage in Monzo (US)
  • Automatically select a plan in Flex
  • Have personal merchant names/logos (for your account only, so updated immediately)
  • Enter receipt details manually
  • Scan / OCR paper receipts into Monzo
  • Search connected accounts
  • Sort Trends transactions by date, value, merchant/category, account etc
  • Native international transfers (in and out, inc IBAN)
  • Recurring incoming payments (so that Trends knows when to expect your income)
  • Enter/see your interest rate for connected credit cards, savings and mortgages
  • Alerts when promotional periods are ending (e.g. fixed rates in mortgages, 0% credit cards)
  • Connected loans (using the same approach as for mortgages)
  • Transfer money directly into Pots (using #PotName as the transfer reference maybe)
  • Set a default category for pot transfers
  • Direct pot to pot transfers
  • Pay DDs and SOs directly from a pot (i.e. not bouncing into the main account then out)
  • Weekly pay/budgeting periods
  • Four weekly/28 day/13 times yearly pay/budgeting periods
  • More sophisticated pay period calculations (e.g. pay date is the last but one working day; every second Tuesday etc) that take account of Get Paid Early
  • Rename connected accounts
  • Notes field on Pots
  • Higher (or no!) limit on the number of custom categories you can have.
  • Change categories, add notes, split bill, add to tabs upcoming Monzo payments.
  • Let us filter whether or not we want to see upcoming payments in the feed.
  • Virgin Money connected current account
  • Virgin Money connected credit card
  • Other connected current/checking accounts (let us know who’s missing below)
  • Other connected credit cards (let us know who’s missing below)
  • See investments held elsewhere in Monzo
  • See asset values (e.g. the value of your house) in Monzo
  • Bulk change faster payment (UK) / ACH (US) transaction categories
  • An undo button! (In case you accidentally change all your categories or delete transaction notes)
  • Native Monzo savings account
  • Immediate access to money held in savings pots (UK)
  • A refreshed, more competitive, Plus/Premium offer (UK)
  • Metal cards! (US)
  • Multi device support
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Obvs we want more polls!

Pot to Pot
Export improvements

And the “Only Santa could provide” item

Plus for Joint Accounts


Are you sure you want more polls?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Tom Blomfield

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Damn I rushed my vote in the last poll because I didn’t read the options properly. Can we have another?


I’m going to pretend to be an analyst and ask the insightful questions…

What improvements would you like to see?

All the Plus features available for joint accounts? I might list them separately. (Or I might not. I don’t even know myself yet).

Also: wiki!

What’s the best way to refuse additional polling:

  • With a poll
  • With love and kindness
  • Deploy Tom Blom

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(With apologies to @Tom)


These 3 please

Rather selfishly, just the export and custom categories. I’ll say virtual cards too for @duncang


Just giving this a bump to see if anyone else has things they’d like to add to the Big Christmas Poll.

Feel free to add to the wiki or to thread below :thread: :point_down:

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Big news! We’ll do the Big Features Poll after Christmas (so the same time we did it this year).

But in the meantime, here’s a set of Community in 2022 Awards polls!

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