Do not delete reference on focus

Hello, will you please change the reference field so that it does not delete the reference on highlight.

If people are using the reference, it is likely to refer to an invoice number and that number will often be one value lower than the previous payment. The problem is that you helpfully show the previous reference number but then delete it when the filed in in focus.

From a user’s perspective they can see the previous reference ID (e.g. EUDNEOFJ00001) and then should be able to easily change it to EUDNEOFJ00002 but the field is cleared and then have to enter the entire reference code.

I literally joined this forum to ask for this function to be changed. It is a big problem when making a payment to Barclaycard where you have to put your card as a reference. It is so easy to assicentally delete the reference and just randomly send Barclaycard money with nowhere to allocate it.