Divide by zero message

(wicksy) #1

Installed the Android alpha last night (0.2.4) and changed my card pin today. When I view the ATM transaction I get a divide by zero message pop up at the bottom of the detail screen then disappear:

(Alex Duckman) #2

I get the same too. Also it said the ATM I used was in Wales when it was in Bank, that is a different issue. Assume that is to do with the info HSBC where sending them.

(Jonathon) #3

That’s similar to a few transactions I’ve made in London where the location comes up as Brighton. Would probably be better if it could be refined more.

(Lyes Bouakaz) #4

I get this message when I tap on an ‘Active card check’.

(Nigel Rainton) #5

Oh dear, the most basic of programming errors. Somebody didn’t test properly.

(MikeF) #6

Now, now. It’s easy to criticise but harder to do. :wink:

(Nigel Rainton) #7

It’s not hard, proper testing would prevent this junior programming error. It doesn’t inspire confidence when this happens. Banking is about confidence, this looks bad.

(Tom ) #8

You realise this is the whole point of your input here? You are a tester. Hence it is called Alpha testing.

(Colin Robinson) #9

Nah, my :mondo: is Beta, it says so on the back :wink:

(Rika Raybould) #10

Quietly laughing. If this is considered unacceptable, you should see what goes in to production at actual banks or what passes for testing there.

I haven’t looked in to the bug (Android debugging and reverse engineering isn’t my strongest skill) but I think the app handled it pretty well. Just threw up a message instead of doing something horribly wrong or crashing. It’s important to remember that the Android app is still early in development and we are all testers so as long as this is addressed after being reported, nobody should get too hung up about it.

(Nigel Rainton) #11


I am way back in the queue and don’t have a card. I am here in the community to decide if I want to use Mondo as my bank. I can’t test anything. So far, it’s not looking good.


Nigel you are better off leaving now then. If you don’t come in with the right attitude, then you may as well stay away.

(Tom ) #13

It’s an entirely bizarre attitude.

Product is in testing and this community is to discuss ideas, bugs and give feedback.

Perhaps it’s just me - but I wouldn’t judge a product before it’s released as a final version by reading Alpha and Beta test forums.

(Nigel Rainton) #14


Your right, goodbye :frowning:

(Tristan Thomas) #15

Good spot, thanks @wicksy :slight_smile: We’ll get that fixed—thanks for being a patient alpha tester!

(wicksy) #16

No worries. It’s why I signed up. Loving the app so far.