Disputed Transactions with partial refunds on flex still show as paid transactions on spending summary

On a transaction with multiple payment installments, with one amount already paid, and a dispute being raised on it and ultimately paid back, it still shows as a full spend on spending summary

The spending summary cannot seem to handle ‘waived’ amounts and does not net off with a ‘refund’ transaction. Therefore the actual net spending is larger than it actually is

Android 13
Google Pixel 7
App Version 5.39.1

Refer to the 1st Transaction of £894.98 on 21st January

299 of this transaction was paid by me, and disputed and eventually waived by Monzo

However the ‘yet to be paid’ transactions were waived, but the spending summary did not deduct these amounts on the spending summary[Note not all of these refund transactions are related to the ‘1st’ payment’

Suggestion: there needs to be a way for Monzo to handle the ‘refund’ of waived transactions, so the spending summary is updated correcty

Are the returned payments categorised to the same category as the original payment?

Yes, all transactions (payments, refunds and waived) are in the entertainment category