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How long usually does it take dispute team to contact you via the app? Had a problem with ATM not giving money out but taken from account, also noticed the charges to lift that out is £7.50? When where these charges introduced ? :nauseated_face:

£7.50? What does it have as the transaction name - ATM?

Where was it? Are you saying the ATM provider charged you £7.50 to withdraw, that’s pretty cheeky if so.

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Have a read here

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Yeah was the usual ATM I use £250 I tried to take out it’s showing £257.50 on statement I never received anything it errored out and spat card out

So it’s what a week to see if it’ll get refunded by the atm operator?

As £7.50 is 3% of £250, my guess is that you have exceeded your free ATM withdrawal allowance. Which is particularly galling when you weren’t able to make the withdrawal.

Have a read of the post above as to how these disputes are handled, and do come back with any results.

Good Luck :+1:


Did you read the sentence that immediately proceeds that?

Chatting with Monzo is your best course of action. Just ask them the question if they can cancel it now or advance you the money if you’re desperate. Maybe they will, maybe they wont, but if you don’t ask you don’t get :slight_smile:

I assume you previously took £250 in the past 30 days? Hence the £7.50 (3%) fee on this £250.

What does it show on this page. I assume 0 remaining.

I personally don’t like how it has £200 on this page as that’s just international.

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Basically just been told to wait on the dispute team, biggest issue is having to tell my land lord half his rent will be given when this is fixed whenever that maybe

The £250 withdrawal errored out at ATM and nothing was given out. I’ll stick with transfers when paying stuff rather than being hammered fees

Was the money for the rent? Surely you must be able to pay another way?

Out of interest, is there a prompt or update given to the customer each time they make an ATM withdrawal?

You’ll be getting charged a monthly fee each time at this rate then, best off just transferring the money to your landlord

I contacted dysentery earlier this week. Response within a few hours, another within a couple of days and then really responsive like a proper chat.

Was one off withdrawal, won’t be withdrawing anything near that again, it’ll be transfers if I keep monzo after this fiasco had this happen a few years back with a main Street bank money was returned within 12hours. This has been on going since Wednesday lol

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To be fair if they have to wait for the machine operator to reconcile it there’s nothing much they can do but wait, annoying but these things happen