Display running balance with each entry

(Only available in amateur ) #221

Your current balance is at the top of the feed

(Andy Little) #222

There isn’t, no. Although lots of people want one.


Rat_au_van ok thanks.
And as far as you know does the transaction order and running balance remain fixed after creation?

(Only available in amateur ) #224

Yes but I’ve never had an unclaimed transaction or foreign exchange fees that needed to settle so I don’t know how that would work

(Andy Hughes) #225

I guess if you really want you could do it by downloading your statements. That shows a running balance on it.

(Joe Park-Kennaby) #226

It would be really useful to be able to see your what your account balance was before or after a transaction.

I have actually just downloaded my statements now expecting to be able to see this but have not seen a way of accessing that record anywhere - It this already possible and I am missing something?

Either way it would be great if this was accessible on statements and potentially on a transactions details within the mobile app itself.

I hope this can be considered!



(Tom ) #227

Hey Joe, and welcome.
I’ve moved your post here as this feature has already been requested.

(Joe Park-Kennaby) #228

Thanks Tom!

(Joe Park-Kennaby) #229

I have just worked out that it is possible see a running balance when you download a PDF statement (I am on Android) - It’s a shame this is not accessible for the CSV files yet, but for now I guess this will do.

(Bas) #230

Such a small but important feature. Was just going to submit that myself but instead I’ll throw my support behind this one.

(Martin Jones) #231

Want this also