Display running balance with each entry

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That’s a shame, it’s very useful. I don’t need it after every transaction but it’s nice to see what the balance was each day. Maybe if I had loads of entries in a day it would be better to have it for every transaction but for me this implementation is very good, clean and easy to use. I do hope android will be caught up soon. It’s causing too many problems having features on one platform but not another

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Is there an example of that which could be shared? I’m intrigued.


Image overload

Normal current timeline

Scrolling back you can see you the 70 euro tickets change the displayed balance at time that it’s scrolled to

Or how it handles refunds

I hope this came out in a logical order


Sorry but my and other users have already posted multiple times on mistakes, only caught through very attentive watching of the timeline and lots of mental arithmetic… Secondly then proving your right rather than ‘feeling’ your right is near impossible.

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I’ve just been digging in the API over at https://developers.monzo.com/

It seems running balance isn’t even available via the API anymore, nor does it appear on the CSV export. That means that I have to calculate it via a spreadsheet if I need to know what my balance was a few days ago (something which I use all the time to keep a eye on how fast my balance goes down and to work out how much money to transfer into savings each month).

I’ve just tried to back calculate to when my salary arrived using the CSV export function. The sum of the transactions on the export sheet differs from my balance according to the app by almost £330. I’m going to have to reconcile my entire Monzo spending history manually to work out why that is!

I’m seriously regretting my decision to move my salary and direct debits to Monzo now.

@tom surely Monzo can see from this thread that a running balance is a necessary feature for a bank?


I’ve taken the last figure for account balance which was populated on the API and worked out all my transactions since then (based on what the app shows). This highlighted a few areas where the CSV export shows declined transactions with a number, having accounted for these the number is only out by about £250.
This sort of thing is why we NEED a running balance against each transaction!

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Or, at the least a feature which can be disabled should you wish to.

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I really think this needs to be included, even if it was just in the detailed view when you tap a transaction. I get that it can change as the transaction settles but surely that could be highlighted to a user by a comment under the balance as is the case with currency conversions.


A running balance is something many find useful and have given clear rationale for in this thread.

Unfortunately from what I can gather, a very vocal minority of hardcore, veteran Monzo fans dominate the discussion by refusing to acknowledge it is something other people find useful and/or essential.

Meanwhile Monzo appear to think the feature would clutter the UX (despite examples given of other banks managing it) and have walked away from the thread.

Great that Monzo allow the debate but very poor that after so long, and clear and consistent customer feedback there is no clear solution and still talk of exporting CSV files and accessing APIs - neither of which are customer facing solutions. Ignoring customer feedback is what you expect from a traditional bank - I firmly believe Monzo are better than that.


First its great that last August we are told ‘its coming’… Is it too soon to ask about any timelines ??

Second, I really want to stress again this isnt about not trusting Monzo to do the right thing, its that there has to be an error checking function available to us. Then if errors are presented, a way to demonstrate those errors back to you for explanation / or correction.

EDIT :: I should have pointed out, the introduction of downloadable statements was a perfect time to slide this in, and to keep it out of the UI… I am stunned that I can now download a statement, but that statement is fundamentally useless for error checking as it doesnt include a starting or ending balance (or a per line item ‘current’ balance)… It really leaves me feeling like Monzo just doesnt understand how vital a starting / ending balance or the user ability to error check is. There was a perfect opportunity to ‘easily’ provide this information and not have a UI issue, and it wasnt taken.

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My statement contains a running balance :slight_smile:

Edit: In fact I used it to detect an error in my feed (that I knew about months ago) still hadn’t been fixed but that I had got the money back okay. @RichardR I’m happy for you to confirm this publicly on here :slight_smile:

Also that issue with my feed is now fixed :+1:


Sp how are you getting your statements… From the download button in spending tab… For me that makes a file with

Date Amount Payee category Address Memo

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I asked support to generate me a PDF. This will be automated soon

The output of this is your traditional looking bank statement :+1:. Right now I think it always goes all the way back to (current) account creation

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Nice work on the latest Android update! The PDF statements and pulse graph completely solves this one for me.

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What’s the latest on running totals, then?

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There isn’t a ‘latest’ to my knowledge. Whatever was true in the past is still true now.

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Does the monzo app account register maintain a consistent running balance. This is useful if you are managing that balance in a different application for example some kind of balance sheet forecasting.

I have noticed with some banks as transactions are added the order changes and you cannot easily peg where you were up to by an absolute value running balance since that value may no longer exist anywhere due to order change.

Hope this makes sense.

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I was looking for this to the other day and the only way I can see is looking at the graph as you scroll down the days. Does this help at all?

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If you go to statement history in profile you can get the balance after each transaction


anddh Are you meaning to say there is NO running balance in the account register alongside the transactions?