Display of 'Balance' & 'Spent today' - Accessibility

For me it is hard to make out the pence in the ‘Balance’ and ‘Spent today’ figures. While the Pounds are clear in white, the Pence are a kind of blurry grey against the background (on Android at least).

If we could display these two important figures (Balance and Spent today) in another more contrasting colour such as yellow against the black background it would be clearer to read

I know what you mean but to be honest I quite like this as I am never a big fan of counting pence :wink:

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@anon44204028 thanks a lot for flagging this :heart:

As a principle we always try to “hide” the pennies because they don’t really help to take decisions, actually quite the opposite, they bring noise and make more difficult to digest the numbers.

That said, even if subtle, figures should always be readable. We’ll review it again and maybe tweak a bit the contrast :slight_smile:

May I know what device do you use? (sometimes particular phone models have crazy skewed color ranges so that could also be what’s happening to you). Thanks!

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My phone is the Samsung Galaxy J5 (SM-J500FN)

It is easier to see indoors in a well lit room but outdoors in bright sun or indoors in low lit room it impossible and I have to get other people to read it for me

I’m terribly sorry about that, we’ll get it fixed :muscle: