Display balance below recent transactions

Hello! Just stopping by to make my first contribution to the community forum.

This is a very small suggestion, but one that I believe many users would find rather useful. This is by no means a new concept, it is currently available on other mobile banking apps but is a feature that I feel Monzo is currently lacking.

As it distracts slightly from the clean design of the new transactions screen, it could possibly be a feature that the user can enable/disable at will. Personally, I think it would be a worthwhile trade-off.

Let me know what you think!

In my opinion it looks a bit cluttered.

Monzo used to show daily balance so you could see day to day totals, it also used to have a graph which showed spending curves - the latter of which is widely regarded as one of the most hated features in the community.

Nice presentation though.


In my opinion it looks a bit cluttered.

I agree, my main concern when deciding on the placement of the balance was that it interfered with the minimal design that the team are currently working towards. The removal of the spending graph was definitely a good decision.

Having said that, the inclusion of the post-transaction balance within the details screen (after tapping a transaction) could be a subtler solution, albeit a slightly less convenient one.

I like it.

Perhaps it could incorporate a swipe gesture on a transaction to reveal the balance at that point in time. Sort of like how when you swipe a message left on the iOS messages app to reveal the time.


Perhaps it could incorporate a swipe gesture on a transaction to reveal the balance at that point in time.

That’s a good idea!

If I get some time tomorrow I’ll rework the design to incorporate that and post it in this thread.

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I like it, good idea in principle :+1:

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Hmmm, yes I’ve seen this in other banking apps before but I’ve never, knowingly, ‘used it’?

Not to say my brain hasn’t processed it, but if I’m looking at my account I tend to want to know:

  1. What money do I have available to spend?
  2. Did transaction X happen and how much was it for?

Knowing the balance at each transaction is a little overkill for me and I think this offers a clutter without adding much value.

That’s just my usage though.


I strongly like this approach. A similar thought had occurred to me too!


Here’s the suggestion altered to include your idea.

I like the concept, but I’m not a designer by any means… The way I’ve done it doesn’t look the greatest in my opinion. Hopefully someone else can build off of these ideas though!


I like this. It doesn’t clutter the feed and is ‘discoverable’ (maybe not obviously mind you…)