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IIRC, when the show was broadcast on TV there were three episodes of the drama, and then a one-off real story documentary. So maybe Disney have picked up the doco as well while the other streamers just took the drama.

Other possibility is that as it was a BBC drama with hour-long episodes, it was re-edited to four shorter episodes for some markets to allow for adverts, and Disney have picked up this version for some reason.


I know it was four 45 minute episodes in other regions, but the first three on disney+ are still an hour with the fourth being 45 minutes. Maybe they’ve somehow mixed these two versions up? The description for the 4th episode doesn’t appear to be a documentary.

I know me watching the 4th to see what it is would likely solve it, but I want to watch the full series in the next few days so I’d rather not for now.

I’m about to watch The Book of Boba Fett, I’m hoping for good things after watching The Mandalorian!


I really enjoyed the Mandalorian even with the short episode format they introduced.

I’d recommend watching episode 1 & 2 of the The Book of Boba Fett together as I feel episode 1 on it’s own is a bit underwhelming but together would have been far better. Looking forward to seeing where they take this show. Lemme know what you think @Jonathan23


As usual, I’ll be waiting for it to finish so I can binge it.

Honestly couldn’t remember the last things I watched week to week.

Not even The Masked Singer? Best thing from the olden days format of TV viewing if you ask me!

For me it depends on the show. Some I’ll take my time with, others I have to watch ASAP. It would take another Game Of Thrones or Person Of Interest to get me to watch TV live again though.

The only Disney+ Original so far that has got me into the I NEED TO WATCH THESE EPISODES ASAA is Hawkeye. That one proper hooked me in. My only incentive to keep up with the others were risk of spoilers, and Marvel fans are awful for. We don’t have a cinema anymore thanks to covid and brexit and I’ve actively tried to avoid stuff, but i could probably tell you everything that happens in the new spider-man film, and I probably have a good 6 month wait before I’ll be able to watch it!

That’s one thing I miss from the old ways of watching stuff live. Not sure how or even if the streaming format will ever be able to replicate that sort of hype or viewing habit, but I think they should try. That element can really add a lot to the experience. There’s just something about the whole world all stopping to watch the same thing at the same time, especially something hotly anticipated.


I agree that I do miss the old format broadcasting where you had a week to digest an episode of a show/get hyped about the next development of a storyline. Hawkeye was great for that as the story arcs were well developed but there’s definitely shows that benefit from the binge option.

Dopesick, like I accidentally mentioned in the Apple Topic, is a great example of show worth controlling the speed at which you watch and that’s down to the narrative plus the way it handles timelines.

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No spoilers here, other than that series was absolutely, positively, without doubt, IMO the best MCU spin-off story. Not only did it stand on its own, but it also provided solid hooks into the wider MCU (especially Endgame). No Way Home was very clever in concocting a historical MCU storyine, but Hawkeye retained a current, relevent realism. Well, at least until until the [SPOILER !!!] Rockefeller tree fall incident, ice-rink massacre scene… which was a bit much.

Incredible storyline. Incredibly acted. Incredibly produced. Incredible back-drop. Bravo :clap:
Tracksuit Mafia FTW!

And we had to wait for each episode to be released, which added to the anticipation. Which adds to the appreciation of it. If you can’t get it ‘now’, you value it more by waiting.


@AlanDoe I took your advice and watched both episodes back to back… Really enjoyed it and looking forward to where they take it!


I find that I remember a show better if I’ve had to wait between episodes. Probably because I actually have time to think about them before the next one comes out, rather than moving immediately on to the next without really digesting it.

I also loved the next day when you went into school or work and were like, “Did you see it??”, and then you spent the rest of the day coming up with theories about what will happen next or where the story might go.


That’s interesting, and the complete opposite of my experience.

I’m far more likely to keep track of ongoing plot threads and notice long in the works payoffs when I’m bingeing.

I know everyone is nostalgic for the water cooler moment but, not withstanding the pandemic and WFH, I just find that there’s too much content and everyone is on a different viewing schedule. So they’re just very few and far between.

It works on a dedicated forum thread, but much less so IRL.

Honestly same. Whilst I’m bingeing. My ability to recollect things weeks or months down the line is next to non-existent though, I’m lucky if I can even remember the specific season where something took place, let alone the episode. I remember the overall gist of things, but never the detail.

Contrast that with weekly viewing and I remember the individual episode events better, and I tend to enjoy the overall story more when I reflect on it. I become more invested.

My joy for a binged show is very fleeting, and that shows in how I treat future seasons. The shows I’ve binged have to be a complete finished box sets, or it’s unlikely I’ll ever watch future seasons, however much I enjoyed binging it.

They’re totally different experiences, and I think there is value to both. The episodic approach will always be king for me personally though, in any media format.

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