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Heads up, Shang Chi won’t be on Disney+ until it’s been in cinemas for 45 days (Shang-Chi is coming to Disney Plus after just 45 days in theaters - Polygon).

And yeah, other than that, there’s What If… which started last Wednesday. Thought the first ep was quite fun.


Bummer. I’ve been enjoying the simultaneous releases. Been buying premier access to all of them as a demonstration of support to that approach of releasing blockbusters.

45 days isn’t as bad as things used to be, but I hope that’s the exception, not the rule. It’ll still be on Disney+ before it hits the cinema here, as ours is typically about 3 months behind on releases.


Scarlett Johansson is going to be (rightly) furious.


Well she claims it cost her $50 million, they said no if anything it added. She said it breached the contract, they said it met the contract terms and has no merit.


They have a right to decide which films get what kind of release. They don’t need to do everything the same as its not all equal.

However the Shang Chi feels like it’s rubbing salt in the wound as its already a Shang who? that few would know (unless marvel fans) and that should probably be a straight to streaming and skip cinema.

I’m no expert on the legals, but when it materially affects a stars’ comp, it really does make a big difference what they decide to do.

There’s definitely going to be a chance in the way contracts are structured to account for shortened / non existent theatrical windows.

What I’m saying is if you have Film A and Film B and neither have anything in the actors/actresses contracts to say it must be released in cinema first then they can decide if Film A or B gets released online only / cinema then online after / both released together. There’s no connection between what happens with A and B.

Afaik the claim is that the contract did, and they say it didn’t need to be cinema exclusive.

I’m not a lawyer or seen the contract so I can’t give an opinion on who I think is right.

Has anyone else been experiencing any audio issues with Disney Plus? I just watched the first episode of Hawkeye and every 30/40 seconds or so the audio just sort of blips almost imperceptibly but enough to be really irritating. I have noticed it during Dopesick too. No issues with Netflix or Amazon Prime - internet speeds are fine. :man_shrugging:t2:

I didn’t notice any issues watching Shang Chi. I’ll be trying Hawkeye at some point though, and will report back if anything sounds off whilst watching it. I’m pretty perceptible to those things so can understand how annoying it will be.

The thing that makes me wanna tear my hair out is ever so slightly out of sync dialogue. That no one else realises isn’t in sync with the lip movements.


Watched both episodes of Hawkeye yesterday with no audio issues.

Via Amazon Fire Stick app.

Just watched the first episode of Hawkeye on Apple TV and no audio issues here.

I won’t renewing my Disney plus once my annual membership expires - Got too many other streaming services and Disney plus hasn’t done enough to stay

I had zero issues last night watching Hawkeye via a PS5 - what devices are you using @BristolMatt?

Hawkeye first two episodes were a lot of fun - more than I expected given the character they’re focusing in on. Big call outs to nostalgic Christmas movies throughout and Renner done a good job of being a roughed up soldier tired of fighting etc.

What’s the verdict on Dopesick? It’s on my list of things to watch.

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I’m using a PS5 as well. Never had any issues until a couple of weeks ago, so not sure what has happened. It almost feels like a buffering issue or something only it is so quick, as I said, that it is almost imperceptible… Still annoying though!

Really “enjoying” Dopesick - I am finding it pretty uncomfortable to watch though… Would definitely recommend it!

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We use Google TV which covers pretty much all the tv streaming apps.

Watched Hawkeye and many other programmes and films over the past year having the GTV and it’s been faultless.

Sounds silly given that it’s only Disney+ but try jiggling the HDMI cable a bit.

We have a roku that does something similar, though not app specific. Jiggling the HDMI cable fixes it

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Doesn’t sound silly! Will give it a shot…

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Just watched the first 2 Hawkeyes:

Secondly, no lip-sync issues or audio dropout experience here - all good on both the video & audio fronts.

Firstly, Wow. Just Wow. Insanely rivetting - one (two) of the most accomplished productions I’ve seen in a long time. Outstanding. My historically lukewarm reaction to Hawkeye the character has just been elevated beyond belief by the actor Jeremy Renner.


Agreed. The trailers didn’t do much for me, but it’s a very good show. Best one so far.