Dislocated knee

Anyone suffered a discolated knee? Hurts like a mother! Popped back in place with a brace etc… Any idea when I’ll be back at work if anyone has any experience first hand

Hi. Mine dislocates every month or so…you get used to it! Mines a congenital thing though so don’t fret!

I did dislocate it when I was stupidly playing football and was off work for 3 months…however my job involves walking around a lot and I screwed a load of ligaments and cartilage. Had I been desk based I would have been back as soon as the leg brace allowed me to drive.

Best advice I can offer is ice, drugs, and keep it raised! Good luck!

Legend! The sound of the accident is absolutely horrific lol did it whilst boxing.


You can get back to work straight away in theory, depending on the job you do. :slight_smile: Everyone heals at different speeds, so just don’t rush into it.

I did it walking into a pub the other Saturday. Didn’t realise there was a step and out it popped…I made my mate watch as I crunched it back into place and he went as white as a sheet!

It’s the soft tissue damage that takes time to heal so don’t push it and keep it ice’d.

As an addendum my two eldest kids have had to have both their knees reconstructed over the past year and they are now both playing sports and running about…so it will get better :slight_smile:

Discolates lol… What a twit. Brill thank you

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Think you should go for an amputation, save all the bother of it happening again

I suspect you mean dislocated patella (kneecap). If it is the first time it has happened, I strongly recommend rest to allow the ligaments to return to their natural state (as they would have hyperextended when patella was displaced), otherwise there is high risk of it popping out again.