One group I’m in uses discord. Don’t like it. It’s not slack

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It’s highly customisable, I think some groups aren’t fully clued up on all the things that you can do with it (in terms of restrictions and pinning messages and all sorts), but I don’t know what experience you’ve had. I’ve personally noticed a huge disparity between servers run well and servers run badly. It can make or break the server!

Personally I’ve found the forum to be a bit of a live argument fest already (though others will disagree), I’m not seeing much of a difference, except responses tend to be a lot more wordy on here, and it’s a lot harder to navigate, and the search function doesn’t work quite as well.

I don’t envisage this happening. As mentioned there are unofficial Slacks for people if they want to. But Monzo wouldn’t want there to be a Discord alongside the forum when there’s already difficulty in maintaining the current forum’s discussions etc at times.

I’d personally see them going back down the slack route if they did, as that’s what Monzo use internally.


Did the community ever exist on Slack or has that always just been internal @michaelw90

Mostly just development related things, but a lot of non-devs joined to be able to interact with staff and have more open Monzo discussions…

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Yeah, the scale wouldn’t be suitable for Discord based on that response either

Thanks for pulling that up for me :grinning:

I’m in the opposite camp of experience - I find discord werid and confusing, and hard to navigate. Though that may be a “Server Design” problem.

But the same design thing is true of Discord or Discourse - it’s only as good as the design principles you apply to it.

I genuinely do find this platform to be a really good one for longer-form engaging discussion - look at some of the “Big Poll” threads, or New Feature threads, or Plus roll out threads - I think it’s the fact that topics are contained within “Topics” that makes this useful.

If you set up Discord with the Categories here, as Channels, the topics then all become a free for all?

Sure there can be strong arguments in here too - but I tend to think that happens when people come here just to argue. There can be, and have been, plenty of contentious topics that have had very positive discourse, when people engage in good faith.

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Hate to ruin the thread but 90% of discord is anime RP servers for some strange reason.

We making a hot chip anime yet?

Which is fine if you favour the cut and thrust of live chat. Have to say that’s alright if you don’t mind sacrificing depth and flow.

Some topics need that to be properly explored and ideas developed. Live chat-style forums such as you describe are really not for that.

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Spot on.

This :crossed_fingers:


I suspect there are two potential problems with a Discord for Monzo:

  1. The number of users interested in a ‘live chat’ situation, and with the time to sit there long enough to chat, is not likely to be high (or higher than the number of users who can drop in and out of a forum like Discourse)

  2. The users who do have the time to invest in Discord will form their own clique and injokes and everything else, and so create an environment that is off-putting to newcomers.

I’m somewhat amused at the characterisation of Discord as being a new and shiny thing, when really it just looks like someone has managed to invent IRC again :sweat_smile:


Ikr. I was of the same opinion. I remember those good old IRC days with fondness!

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Seeing as you mentioned it, it’s obviously no state secret

Yes, and the limit is one!

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Monzo just need to add more RGB lights everywhere. RGB bank cards. That’s attract the gamers.

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Yeah I’m in a few discord servers and I find them a bit of a pain in the hoop. You have to click through each sub topic just to catch up and mark things as read. I inevitably end up muting them all and forgetting about them after a while.

It’s a bit “old internet chat room” rather than an info source and I don’t think it’s quite appropriate for what we need.

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Not going to read half of this as it just seems tit for tat but throwing my 2 pence in:

There’s a Monzo Reddit which I feel is probably enough of a ‘non official conversational platform’ for the bank.

Even though Discord is trying to push its uses as its still known as being for gamers and a demographic of 13-25 years old, so it won’t invite conversation from the customers who are outside of this demographic I’m sure - it doesn’t suit a bank which many people seem to forget Monzo is now, its just an early startup.

Also for how toxic this discourse forum can be (as clearly demonstrated in this exact thread) you would be inviting a whole new range of language and talk in a Discord server when is then also going to need moderating.

If anything, Monzo can expand into Tiktok as @BritishLibrary put, they can expand to Snapchat etc - they are better suited expanding into environments to create more exposure in which they have full control over.

On top of that, I can’t see the point of a Discord server either - at least with the Discourse forum you are connected somewhat to your Monzo account, you’re just inviting unwanted attention for the brand.

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Given what’s happened with the business news yesterday and the day before, with reddit basically taking over Wall Street (r/wallstreetbets) and the majority of that hype being channelled through their discord server… I would like to think that some people who shot me down for suggesting that big money can be passed around for LOLs and MEMEs, might just be able to admit to themselves, that there might just possibly be a market to take advantage of there… but what do I know… I was only ahead of the curve :innocent:

For those curious, this is the what that subreddits discord server sounds/looks like.

You’re not ahead of the curve, you’re on the wrong track!

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