Disappointed changes

No live support , the speed of issues and now stopped transfers to Revolute, I’m a crowd funder investor , getting like a normal bank

There is live support. They have not stopped transfer to Revolut.


I have no idea what half the complaints are about?


OP might be referring to this topic:



I have no issues sending money to other bank accounts, live support is always there when I need it

The only thing they need is a process flow from downgrading from Premium to Plus, as I have done recently. I was using a Hot coral card on premium (due to having my metal card skimmed or something (transactions I didn’t recognise)) and they sent me another hot coral card when I declined the Plus card, surely they should have known I was using a hot coral card already?

If == Hot coral
then == don’t send new one

I know that’s complete gibberish, but you get the idea


You don’t get special treatment because you’re an investor I’m afraid.

Rules are there to be followed and everyone is treated equally.


No live chat and Revolute I assume is money send

Live chat/chat is semantics.

You got the info wrong and MoneySend isn’t a transfer. It’s a card transaction.

It’s never been live chat

Moneysend appears to be a US app for international payments. What does the help article they linked say?

Try a normal transfer

I can confirm you can transfer to Revolut, I did it a few hours ago. I used the Open Banking workflow in the Revolut app :slight_smile:


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