Disable completely the prediction feature

How I disable completely the prediction? I don’t need it and I don’t want it.

Every time I make a payment on twitch I see the annoying “we’ll repeat it for you” or whatever the text says and I have to manually disable it.

Don’t force new features on users…especially without a clear way to disable them!

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I think this is new to allow card payments from pots

Would be better if it was the other way round and let the user opt to make it as recurring rather than automatically assuming

It can’t be disabled but they’ll probably refine it more

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this just happened to me in the last 30 minutes and I happened to see this post. made an annual payment and got a notification right away . Panicked for a second as I thought I’d chosen monthly.

no biggie. I’ve no problem with the attempt at intelligence and assistance from the app per se it was just that the notification bullishly stated “New Monthly Payment” if I recall correctly… maybe just soften it up