Direct Debit - Description

So long story short I’ve switched my “bills bank” from Halifax to Starling (Starling’s customer service was dreadful so switched to full Monzo as soon as I could)

So now I’m full monzo and my bills are all coming out of a pot.

I have two questions but the main was is: if you setup a Payee then you put In Their actual name as displayed on their card. But you can also setup a name that you know them. So for example my landlord is set as landlord rather than his actual name on a standing order.

Could you do this with direct debits? For example you may not know what a direct debit is say maybe from BBS LTD. Can I edit or add a description to rename it to Big Bobs Shop Ltd?

Couple reasons for this is. I have a direct debit I don’t always remember who it is for.

Plus I have two DD from EE and they just say EE and that’s it. I would like to rename them EE - Mobile and EE - Broadband. So I know which are which.

My second question

If I choose to pay a DD out of a pot but for some reason I don’t have enough money in that pot. Does the DD get rejected or do Monzo take the money from your main account?

I always had an overdraft in my bills accounts for any extra / unexpected payments etc. obviously with Monzo pots I can’t have an overdraft for a pot.

Thanks for your help guys.

So the money is transferred to your main at the time of payment and it’s paid from there. If there’s not enough in your pot it will just use money from main

Nope. This is not a thing. It would be cool though. Wonder if this is technically possible or if there’s a DD scheme rule

Could you set up an EE broadband pot and a EE mobile pot and allocate them as appropriate?


Another workaround to this is to use #tags. Admittedly, you have to remember to tag a transaction after it has occurred, but it can be really useful for looking back. You’ll know which EE payment is for your mobile bill and your broadband bill because of the amounts involved, so tag the correct ones with #mobile and #broadband and you’ll be able to see the tags in the transaction list. Searchable too.

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If they were distinct direct debit mandates, they will have unique ids (usually not nice and easy to read but at least separate) - but I don’t know if they might take PayPal’s approach and have a single dd mandate instead, which would make it impossible to separate programmatically (as you couldn’t be sure which payment was being taken even if the dates and amounts are always consistent).

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Yeah I have the same problem with Zen

“Your bill is £28 less than last time”

2 weeks later

“Your bill is £28 more than last time”

Every month….

But higher possibility that EE broadband and EE mobile are properly separate :crossed_fingers:

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I can’t help but think someone screwed up the banking standards… there really should be a field for customer specific data… order number, that kind of thing. But there isn’t, so everything gets munged into one.

Still, nothing I can do but yell at clouds over that one…


The tags feature (as far as I can see) is only for purchases made and doesn’t allow you to add tags for direct debits. I did try doing this before posting this thread but couldn’t find a way of doing it.

Uh oh, I suspect you’re using iOS?

I can edit the reference field on historic D/D’s and add #tags to the field too. I’m on Android.

I can edit the description field on direct debits in my transaction list on iOS, same as with other transactions.

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Good to know - thanks.

Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself :musical_note: it looked like a platform-parity issue.

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Sorry my bad. I’m getting confused here. I can add/edit tags HOWEVER in this section is the direct debit code etc like direct debits need a customer ID within the reference.

I feel tags and references should be separate

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I know what you mean - it’s the same entry field. I generally leave the DD reference untouched, then at the end type a space followed by the ‘#tag-name’. It’s still searchable that way and keeps your DD reference intact (also searchable later)

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This :point_up_2:


You can also insert a line break after the reference and put the tags on the following line. If you have a # key instead of return on your keyboard when editing the description, go into number/punctuation mode and you should get a return key.