Diploma thesis about challenger banks, your help!

Hi! I study informatics and econometrics at the University of Warsaw and this year I am writing my diploma thesis about current position and development prospects of the challenger banks in the UK banking sector. I will be very grateful if you will help me by filling in this short (about 2 minutes) form. Thank you!

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Good luck

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I’ve tried it but I get stuck on one of the questions

“Do you not like (or are you afraid of) the following things?”

There’s nothing in the list of options that I don’t like or am afraid of so I haven’t selected anything. But this blocks me from moving to the next question.

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Hello, in section for Different answers write that there is nothing that you are afraid of. And you shouldn’t be blocked :slight_smile:

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I put ‘Other’ and typed ‘None’ at that stage


Done - but on the not like / afraid question I would have preferred to have not put anything.

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I fixed this part of the survey, thank you a lot!



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