Different thread views

Just wondered why my iPad first thing shows this layout

And then this one

I know I’m pre caffeine but I don’t think I’m changing anything.


I think the first one is the mobile view? But my desktop view on the iPad is yet different to your second pic

Yup first one is mobile view :slight_smile:

I normally see the second view on the iPad, and just occasionally the first one pops up. R-

First one is same as my android. Second as my MacBook.

So as above comments really.

Thanks @Ordog. Understood all of 1. and virtually nothing of 2. :crazy_face: which is down to my lack of technical comprehension. R-

Oh no I accidentally deleted my comment when trying to quote myself lol :see_no_evil:

For everyone else I said something like:

The layout is varying for the OP even though they’re using the same device. My 2 theories were:

  1. It couldn’t detect that it was using a mobile device so it loaded the desktop layout.
  2. Their device is on the perimeter breakpoint for when it switches between desktop and mobile

It’s odd either way but that’s my theory anyway :man_shrugging:

Back to answering your question… #2 means…

You can write code that says if a device has less than (for example) 600 pixels, then show a different layout. Less pixels generally mean smaller screens and therefore this is what can determine if a mobile device is being used.

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Ah, got it. Thanks. R-