Different font weights on account tab

(Jack) #1


On the Accounts tab, the balance displayed above pots has a heavier font weight than the balance displayed above the card (current account balance). Not a major issue and it’s subtle but very definitely different and looks a little off.

Details to reproduce:

Create a pot and move some money into it, the number above the pot in the Account tab will be a different font weight to the balance displayed above the Monzo card image.

Device: 12 (Public beta 4, although noticed it on 11.4.1 as well)
App Version: 2.8.1


Can’t post screenshots for obvious reasons but can easily be replicated.

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #2

Apparently there is a reason for this :soon: :eyes:

(Jack) #3

Oh really? Has that been part of a discussion I’ve missed somewhere?

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #4

It sure has :slight_smile:
We don’t know anything other than “there is a reason, we’ll find out soon”

(Jack) #5

Hmm intriguing… :thinking:

OK thanks mate, feel free to remove this thread then if it’s all part of the masterplan :slight_smile:

(Tony) #6

Is the reason that is it’s a coding bug and nobody can be bothered to fix it?

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #7

Read from here :slight_smile:

(Jack) #8

Thanks for the link, didn’t show when I searched. I wonder what the reason could be… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: