Dial 555 for bank fraud


No your totally right. Whilst the public want to see bobbies on the beat (visible) this is totally inefficient. This died with Dixon if Dock Green and Z cars.

The modern Police force needs to have a few visible bobbies, but the focus should be more bobbies or investigators sat behind computers as you can be far more efficient and that’s where crime is now. Why hold up a security van for £20k when you can sit behind a computer and if reasonably clever will clear that easily with no great hassle??

The trouble with fraud is the Police are overwhelmed with this sort of crime. The scams are worldwide and with no real interest in true international Police cooperation it’s near impossible to bring them to justice. The police have the tools to trace criminals on the net, but it’s slow and labour intensive. The police in the uk are terribly under resourced and are scraping the top of the iceberg. Whoever shouts loudest gets dealt with first. With government targets changing weekly on what’s the hot topic, it’s hard it seems to invest in the long term.

Basic security and NEVER giving your details to people who ring or contact by email would solve a lot of the basic fraud.

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Dixon of Dock Green died before Dixon of Dock Green! (Watch The Blue Lamp …excellent film)


I’ve just been re-reading the 555 article.
I hadn’t twigged the police are proposing this so that they do not have to do the initial enquiry. Calls would alert “the banks” in the first instance for stopping actions and then possible referral on for police investigation (where necessary or productive I imagine).
This feels like it could be a reasonable filtering and prioritisation process given the current state of things?
But given Monzo’s instant updates and the efficiency of app chat, maybe this is more use for legacy bank accounts.

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Eventually you get a separate number for each crime… until You get this

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Police/ emergency is 999 in Singapore (SE Asia). Then again we were colonised by Britain so :thinking: 999 is used in a lot of countries where the Brits used to rule. 995 is for fire or ambulance, I forget what. I thought the US only changed to 911 after 9/11.

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Am I the only thinking of this:

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I really want to get that on a t-shirt. (along with Pickle Rick)

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There is a version on amazon on a tshirt https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007FE3FRO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_lWn6zb02DB93A

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