Devastated About Account Closure after 2 years

I’ve been using my Monzo account since 2018. I’ve not participated in any fraudulent activity and I don’t dabble in cryptocurrency before anyone asks. I’ve used the account from the beginning as my main bank account, I received salary payments, had arranged direct debits, used it for daily travel, grocery shopping etc.

Yesterday I received an email from Monzo informing me that my account will be closed in April 2021. No reason can be given and I’m in complete and utter shock and have been in floods of tears. I’ve been out of work since June last year and have been receiving my UC payments into the account.

I just don’t even know where to begin or who I can contact to rectify matters.

I’m sorry to hear that. Out of interest, do you use your Monzo account in a way that might be unusual in any way? I’m assuming you haven’t done anything wrong as you’re being given notice in advance so I’m just trying to work out why Monzo might be doing this. If the email doesn’t have any personal info in it, could you post a screenshot?

In before the thread closure…


It might be worth checking out your credit files to see if anything looks off.

Other than that, you have two months to find another bank and CASS your account there.

You could try putting a complaint in but under their terms they can close any account so I’m not sure it will do any good

Maybe open an account with Starling if you want to keep a digital bank


I could think of a few reasons that some people would consider “normal” usage , but Monzo would want to try and curtail

Ordering replacement cards every week / month
Paying your wages in, then withdrawing large amounts of cash or small amounts repeatedly
Paying your wages in then transferring 95% of it out to another bank
Disputing payments multiple times
Contacting Cops with questions daily


At least op isn’t in the US, where contacting cops can get you killed, rather than just your account…

wow can it ? :slight_smile:

Try not to let it upset you, it’s just a bank account at the end of the day. You can have a new one in the next hour and move your payments etc over and then you’re golden.

You can’t contact anyone to change their decision, you need to move on.


No nothing unusual.

I do tend to keep the bulk of whatever money I have in a pot and then move across when needed for the day but nothing about that would warrant suspicious activity.

I’ve attached screenshots of the email.


Thank you. I’m doing so now and also requesting a DSAR from CIFAS.

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There it is.

There’s what? :thinking:



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“Transparency by Default”.


The thing that really gets me here is they’re using their cookie cutter sometimes they have to close accounts for legal reasons and can’t tell you why excuse, yet they’ve put you on notice, which isn’t what banks do when they have to close accounts for those reasons.

They then go onto directing you to directing you to open an account account elsewhere. Something you will find next to impossible if Monzo can’t serve you due to regulatory or legal reasons, other banks probably won’t be able to either.

To me this makes for a very tone deaf, unsympathetic and insensitive email. I hope you get it resolved, or find a bank that’s willing to have you.

Although I dismissed the notion the other day that a trend was appearing here that would signify they’re purging accounts now they’ve reached 5 million customers, this is now the 6th credible claim of Monzo doing this just this week, so something seems amiss here. I’m half tempted to move my income and direct debits back to Barclays and cease using Monzo after seeing these.


Let’s not do another thread on this when one already exists. Monzo have clearly tweaked their risk criteria which caught out some customers. Unfortunate but is the law.

Gonna sound silly but do Monzo have a monthly income requirement ie. £1500 per calendar month??

They are a lot of accounts being closed lately and I wonder if something like this just might be the reason why. With a lot of people recently out of a job (either permanently or temporarily) incomes are lower and I do wonder if the banks are (perhaps wrongly), taking a stand of this as the customer is therefore, no longer profitable for them.

Just a thought.

? It’s not the law at all it’s simply their choice. It’s not illegal for the account to be open, otherwise it’d be closed. Monzo just aren’t being very friendly in this situation which seems to be happening to a fair number of people (just going by the tiny % who use the forum) with no explanation.


They probably have a profitability metric, many businesses do. That can lead to things like this especially during a downturn.