'Details don’t match account' on Zopa

Using the Android app.

I set up a Zopa savings account today, using the Zopa app, and used the bank details it provided to make a payment from Monzo.

Monzo gave me a load of ‘Details don’t match account’ warnings (so I only transferred an experimental 10p, which hasn’t shown up in Zopa yet).

Does anyone know if this is normal? I’ve double checked it was the real Zopa app, that the name, a/c number and sort code were correct, etc. Monzo didn’t tell me which details it thought were incorrect.

I guess if the 10p doesn’t turn up I will just close the Zopa account, but I can’t see that I’ve done anything wrong.

Just top up via open banking from Zopa’s end then you have 0 grounds for concern.


Thanks, I presume that is the TrueLayer service? I was kind of averse to involving yet another party in the process but I’ll check they’re FCA regulated etc.

edit: I tried another 10p via TrueLayer and it opened the Monzo app! Cool! Ta :smiley:

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Zopa transfers always seem to take about 20 minutes to come though - slightly unnerving the first time you do it!


It’ll still take 20 mins to credit Zopa but yes open banking is all fca regulated

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Did the original 10p make it through?!

The TrueLayer 10p took 14 minutes, the bank transfer 10p arrived after 31 minutes! (I know because I sent the TrueLayer one to a different pot.)


It’s unnerving the first time you do it, but all the transactions will be protected under FCA

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