Desert Island

So thought this would be a fun little idea.

You are stranded on a Desert Island you can take
1 Book
1 Film
1 Album

What do you pick?

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Book: The Godfather by Mario Puzo. For as brilliant as the movies are, I think the book is even better. A close call between that and The Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger.

Album: Sign O’ The Times by Prince. For me, the greatest album ever made. A genius tour-de-force of pop, rock, funk and soul. That’s the pinnacle of music for me. Doesn’t get better.

Movie: Purple Rain - This could be considered cheating, but it’d be my sneaky way of getting an additional album to take since all the songs are in the movie :joy: If not, maybe High Fidelity or The Green Mile.


Book - Killing Floor by Lee Child. I’ve read this so many times but it never gets dull. Jack Reacher at his best.

Film - The Last Samurai. This film calms me down, excites me, and moves me, it’s superb.

Album - Puressence by Puressence. So many memories attached to this album, and some incredible songs. It would never get old.

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Book: Neil Gaiman : Ocean At The End Of The Lane

Album: Phoebe Bridgers : Stranger in the alps. She writes pretty melancholic dark songs but are beautiful and haunting.

Movie: The Truman Show. Jim Carey was always known for his goofy slapstick comedy then out of nowhere he plays this heartfelt moving role


Confession I have never seen The Last Samurai. That is tonight’s viewing sorted

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Ken Watanabe is brilliant in it. Not sure why it isn’t a more popular film to be honest!

Book: American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis

Album: The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses - IMHO the best record ever released

Movie: This was far and away the hardest decision - but probably on balance Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn but I could chop and change the film for about 10 others :rofl:

Book - Tortilla Curtain. Great commentary on migration between countries and between wealth and poverty.

Album - Live at Budokan, Bob Dylan. I’ve always liked live albums and always loved Dylan’s songs. I’d take this rather than Blood on the Tracks only because it’s longer.

Film - Blade Runner. Superb adaptation of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. And I’m not allowed two books.


I love Blade Runner , Recently learned that the speech at the end was improvised on the day!


Book - Neuromancer by William Gibson

Album - Pearl Jam - Vs

Film - Blade Runner (the final cut)

Book- the Lord of the rings.

Film- shawshank redemption.

Album- master plan by oasis.

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Book: 1984
Film: LA Confidential
Album: BRMC by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The album was the toughest choice for me there, but it comes closest to being the album where I rate every song highly

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Wow, how have I never heard Puressence before??!! I have let myself down and let my family down

I am listening to their first album now off the back of your comment and it is really quite something

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That’s a blast from the past. A couple of excellent tracks stick out in my memory (Street Lights and It Doesn’t Matter Anymore I think) but I can’t remember how consistent the album was. I saw them at Reading in '99 but I was so drunk I couldn’t really appreciate them.