Delivery to Spanish address

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Hi I’m in Spain at the moment and will be leaving for USA next week from here can my card be sent to me in Spain? As I wont return to the UK until September Thanks


I’ve heard of them getting out a replacement card to a foreign territory but doubt they would pull out the red carpet for this scenario. If they don’t you could always get it sent to your family or friends in the uk and get them to forward it on to you in Spain?

Or you could go for Revolut or N26 who do cover Spain

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It might be best to use the chat in the app and discuss it there, I have read from other topics that it is possible

Revolut can do it quickly if you pay extra (think it’s £12 for express delivery or go premium for £72 p.a)

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In-app chat is only available if someone is already a customer. Alternatively users can contact before account is created.

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