"Delivery Due Time"

That’s impossible as I’ve never used DHL before

I give up :see_no_evil:

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What i’ve purchased is online only so had no other choice.
Bit poor that with DHL you dont get a timeslot or update on where the driver is

DHL no deliver Sunday

It might be UKMail then ?
I ordered it off Currys and chose Sunday evening

UKMail no deliver Sunday

So currys are lying to me ? Lolz


This is going to be another nail biter. :joy:


Currys also run their own delivery service in some areas - it could be with them instead

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Thanks dude.

The email does say " UKMail " which then takes me to DHL and on the tracking it says it’s being delivered today. Just dont quite get what " Delivery Due Time 18:00 "

" Estimated Delivery Time 22:00 "

Means ?

It means they don’t know what time you’ll get it

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Sunday no deliver Sunday ? :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

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They no deliver any day

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Ah UKmail, you can safely ignore any times


Why do reply to basically every topic on this forum if you’re going to be so rude and dismissive?


Just received an email saying its been sent via city sprint with a tracking number, the courier is miles away so might be a late night lol


I’m impressed. Every single delivery service will be involved by the time you get it

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Across the board effort going above and beyond.

Got it, all in one piece lol