Debit card payments more popular than cash 📰


I’ll be honestly I’m surprised it took this long. I hardly ever use cash.


I carry zero cash on me these days, I only withdraw some if I know I’m going somewhere that is cash only. Everything else is Apple Pay, although I am not confident enough to drop my wallet completely just yet :smirk:


I wonder how they counted the number of cash payments?

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They’d have very smelly hands from counting all the copper that’s for sure :wink:

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I honestly never carry cash anymore, I only carry it if it’s gifted or I’ve received it from someone else.

Failing that I’ve drawn it out of a hole in the wall as I’m going somewhere where I’m not sure if they accept card, however it’s getting hard to find somewhere that doesn’t accept it these days… 99/100 places do.

I’m also surprised it’s taken this long, I wonder how many people don’t realise they can pay via Apple pay etc and still use cash totally oblivious to tech.

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Nice to see this milestone has finally been hit, it’s only going to go up from here.


I went to a street market yesterday I hadn’t been to in a while and virtually all of the stalls had signs up declaring that they took cards. I guess it just needed one to start the ball rolling.

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I’ve taken a switch in the last week to a very minimalist wallet, which I have as an emergency. However, it doesn’t contain anything other than my Costco Card, my Monzo Card, my Driving License and my Work Access Card. I can’t go without my wallet completely unfortunately :sob:

I never carry cash, the only time I get it out is when I get my haircut, which is £20 every 6 or so weeks.

Wow the comments on that article are both hilarious and depressing.

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Now that’s impressive…

Yeah… that’s crazy how many people are paranoid.

Might be popular; however, I have been unlucky this week. On two occasions my local shops’ POS systems have broken down and the shops were only taking cash.

You should have seen Café Nero- it was empty!