Debenhams gift cards

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Someone else jumping on the hot coral train :steam_locomotive:


Did this colour not exist before 3 years ago?

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Yes but it’s a unique colour to pick for something like this. My guess is they have seen the Monzo cards.


The giant Debenhams is looking to Monzo for their gift card colours? :thinking:

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the giant Debenhams is led in their advertising campaigns by a trio - 2 Lloyds current account card holders and one Monzo CA holder - and a black horse would have looked rubbish, whereas Monzo hot coral draws the eye :smirk: and although it existed 3 years ago, most thought it was a bit girlie :joy::rofl::rofl:


most? a lot of vocal people commented on this forum about it, but I don’t think that makes it “most”… “some” might be a more accurate word?

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“most” don’t like the pulse “we” want it moving :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - its a tongue in cheek comment about Jacks Pic :slight_smile:

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