Death of Prince Phillip

Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces - BBC News


Not to be cynical, but I expect this will be all that exists in the news for the next week, handily drowning out the riots and whatnot in NI, and any other “unsightly” news.


This is sad news. My thoughts are with those who this will effect such as the Queen and her family.

I think we should pay our respects right now and any other thoughts on the monarchy or other current events wait. He was a human being and deserves respect in death. Especially right at that time.


Just been reading some of his history, it’s quite interesting. Looking forward to tuning into the news to hear some more.


It actually might quieten down things here

Depending on exactly who is pulling the strings

Yawn, if you don’t like something then no need to comment with such negativity. That’s the last I’ll be saying on the subject. It is what it is.


To be fair, I think that is the first time @tbutz has ever made a comment that I actually wholeheartedly agreed with, let’s not ruin that eh?


It’s only cynical if you think his death was planned to silence things.


He was 99 and in bad health

I don’t think any planning was needed


I think it’s “convenient” but I don’t subscribe to any theory about planning it or to the notion that he’d died many moons ago and the death was simply being held back for when it was most needed (that’s a fun one from Facebook!).

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Have they provided conclusive proof like the queen wore black tights last Tuesday or the palace kitchens had ordered a bereavement cake 3 weeks ago?


If you’re wondering how Brits have reacted:


Hahaha. My insider source says the briefing around Christmas was that would only be for the Queen but not Phillip. So no dice unless that’s changed.


Surely we should at least have this afternoon off?




Turn on BBC radio 1 and it sounded like radio 4 , something wasn’t right…

But RIP hopefully he enjoyed his life.

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Rumour has it they weren’t sure of the runbook if he gets a separate letter from the queen or not when he reaches 100 , so as not to do anything wrong they offed him.

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I’d be happy if I made it to 99.

Makes me think if I’d actually want to be around that long come to think of it :thinking:

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I bet Piers Morgan has a very strong opinion about who did it


I was just reading up on what happens now, I thought there would be new bank holiday but it appears not.

However, There will be two Bank Holidays when the Queen dies. One will be the day of her funeral and one on the day Prince Charles becomes king.

The UK will enter a mourning period that will last until Prince Philip’s funeral.

During this period, flags will be lowered to half-mast, with the exception of the Royal Standard flag above Buckingham Palace - which is not lowered as it represents the monarchy.

In Parliament, MPs will wear black armbands on their left arm and newsreaders will wear black clothes.

Members of the Royal Family will also wear dark colours and mourning bands.

During this period, the Queen will most likely not conduct any affairs of state.

Her official mourning period will last eight days.

After that there will likely be a further mourning period of 30 days before the monarch is expected to return to her royal duties.

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This is a very good (long) read about what happens when The Queen dies