Days remaining not visible when on the left of summary


Issue: In summary tab, when the number of days indicator is on the left, the number of actual days is not visible (see screenshot below)

Details to reproduce:
OS: Android 8.0.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy 8
App Version: 2.2.0


Days remaining off screen
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Thanks! This is a known issue and a fix should be coming soon :blush:


Days remaining on summary goes off screen

Android 8.0.0 November security patch
Screen resolution set to 2220x1080
Samsung galaxy s9 dual SIM

App Version:


This is a common problem. I solved it by reducing the text size on my phone and it looks really good now. Give it a go and see if you like it or not.


It is quite annoying, but has been an issue for a while. I have my font size one up from standard due to issues with my eyes and have the same missing text.