Date change in pots

To create the ability to change the date your pots money is withdrawn from your account. This is especially useful when moving jobs. Instead I currently have to close the pot and make a new one and my statements look very muddled, would prefer to just be able to change the pot withdrawal date.

You can’t do this. A statement details activity on an account and that includes the date of a transaction. That would be falsifying the information.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Withdrawn to where?

I have pot A with a auto deduction from my main account on the 3rd of the month. I have now changed jobs and get paid on the 20th. I cannot change the date of auto deduction from the 3rd to the 20th. I must close pot A and have all the funds out back into my normal account and then create pot B and transfer the funds there with the new Audi deduction date as the 20th. Why is this so difficult. I should not have on my statement money coming in and out of my main account when all I am doing is changing the date the money is auto deducted to be added to the pot.

You don’t need to close the pot. You just need to cancel the recurring payment into the pot and set up the payment again with the new date.

You can go into scheduled payments and delete the existing payment. Then set up a new one again. If you have any problems doing this let me know and I’ll send some screenshots.