✅ Dark Mode

There’s no point reading articles about which is better, dark mode is better for me end of story. It’s all down to people’s perspectives, an article isn’t going to change that ever. What works for me doesn’t work for others, but still… Embrace that darkness :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:


“Niche” ??? :dart: ???

Unashamedly Googled squire Baker - still no idea.
Does he state ‘13’ when asked for the number equivalent for a dozen?


I mean, you might like it more than light mode, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for you. :wink:

The article speaks to the science of the debate. It takes an objective view, in contrast to the subjective ones of random people on the internet.

Personally I find it very interesting to read into and research anyway, particularly from an accessibility perspective, because of how sensitive my eyes are to screens in general.

Use what you like more when you have the choice! Or embrace the lightness! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

Me, I’ll use both in sync with my circadian rhythm. That works best for me and eyes.


I’m not interested in what the science claims to say. I know how it effects me using light or dark and which is better.

Take that firm stance and apply it to covid! I dare you!

Kidding of course. You do you. Perfectly fine if you prefer it.


This has quickly turned dark, into a very polarising topic.

It’s literally black and white though. You’re in camp light or camp dark overall. Personally, I’m with Darth on the other side of the Force for most apps/websites. But like Carol Anne, I do stray into the light for certain apps/websites to suit.

Runs :running_man: for the :door:

Can’t wait for Dark Mode to be switched… erm… on? off?, tomorrow!


Don’t put down to conspiracy what you can put down to cock-ups, as Napoleon almost said :joy:

I hope those affected negatively have found a way back


If not, try this:


Mine has reverted back to light mode on its own, thank goodness.

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9am launch we thinking?

If we assume they’re gonna play into this shortest day thing, I’d wager sunset.


Don’t go giving them more bad ideas, like turning the community to dark.


I refer the honourable gentleman to my earlier statement

I have not yet seen a feature flag change occur for everyone at the same time

There is a first time for everything - maybe this switch would have no network impact - but even then I would expect it to take some time to ripple out just because of network coverage and power settings and the like


Guess midnight wasn’t the time.


Nor is 05:32

I am on the TestFlight build though


I’ve not got it yet :frowning:

Not got it here either on iOS TestFlight.

My guess is it’s not an app update, since the last one has supposedly been and gone, I don’t know how they’re doing it if it’s not an app update

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Magic. There’s only 2 ways they can do it; app update and magic

The magic requires them to magically shake their wands (not a euphemism) which won’t happen in the middle of the night