Dark Mode ๐ŸŒ˜

Hi AaronF and michaelw90 - I had already tried both things. I think the issue came from me having queued the update as it came, but never ensuring it had gone through. All good now, it was a classic โ€œuser errorโ€ from me!

Glad you got it sorted !

Loving Dark mode ! :blush:

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Iโ€™ll switch it once itโ€™s native to the app, and not full iOS system because I canโ€™t deal full dark mode, but banking apps look a lot better on dark mode.

Please make it black :confused:

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Was excited to try this activated it not working Iโ€™m on iOS 15.3 spoke with monzo CS and they asked me to log out and back in app still not working now itโ€™s been raised again :thinking: hopefully can try this soon!

Do you have global dark mode on?

You need to change your iPhone display settings to dark mode, so the whole phone does dark mode, and then activate it in the app and it should work.

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The text under the Monzo Labs toggle informs what to do for both iOS and Android platforms:

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Looks good. I recently worked on implementing this for another app recently! Would be nice to see accessibility improvements by taking advantage of the high contrast accessibility options in the colour palette but looks like a great first edition.

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when I submit a merchant correction (I know, I know), sometimes I get a dark page โ€œthanks for your feedbackโ€ and other times itโ€™s a light version of the same page, whilst in dark mode. Somehow there must be two โ€˜thank youโ€™ pages doing the same thing but for different merchants (maybe).

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really like the dark mode โ€ฆ well done monzo :slight_smile: