Dark Mode 🌘

Is it this guy?:


Can’t please everyone :upside_down_face: hopefully they’ll just work on polishing the look around the edges and leave the I want darker element in the bin


It’s just a bit of fun :star_struck: x

An option to turn off the gradient, please :pray:

Nice work Monzo. Happy solstice :new_moon_with_face:

Is this a sick joke? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

OMG I’m so happy now

Well Boris can cancel Christmas now, dark mode has made my December lol.

This button looks like it needs tweaking (andriod)

Also some dark themed pot pictures in the Monzo library would be nice


Is this for android? Looks fine for mine on iOS

Search icon buttons look to have been missed

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Really good stuff, sure bits will be tidied up in the weeks to come (it’s in labs innit) but cracking stuff.

Nice little Christmas stocking filler of a present


Also, reference suggestions have been missed.

Really loving the look so far though


As a dev myself, I feel this pain. We have JUST started to add dark mode to our newest business web apps and it’s been, well, very interesting so far.


Yep sorry was andriod. Updated the post to mention that

When you press down on things it goes yellow/brown

I’m going to be sad when I wake up and see a bright white Monzo screen again :laughing:

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You skipping on the Beta Blue Sky theme?


A Christmas miracle :laughing:

amazing, been waiting for this for ages, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can we rename this thread to Blue Mode @AlanDoe. Its impersonating my real Dark Mode thread :sunglasses:

There is also an issue with links to Monzo webpages, like the information page about FSCS protection and Service Quality Survey Results.

These webpages (and the rest of the Monzo website, ideally) need work to implement a dark mode. That way, when you navigate to them from the app in Dark Mode, they would appear dark.

A good example of a site where this is done well (depending on device dark mode settings) is the Apple developer website.