Dark Mode 🌘

We’re aware not everything is fixed yet, but we wanted to release it to Labs so that you can experience dark mode for a few months before a full release. We’re keeping track of things that aren’t quite right, e.g. bank logos, gradients, etc., and will aim to fix them soon.

Regarding the cards that blend in, would you prefer to have light and dark mode versions of pot images to get around this?


Thanks, added to the list!


Nice! It looks great so far!

The sad truth is this feature has been ready since July we’ve just been teased with the solstice. Very clever labs release :smiley:

Couple o things I would like that would improve it for me - and not to take away from how nice it looks so far:

  • A standard night mode, and a “darker” night mode (the Reddit App apollo does this well)
  • A greyer shade of text instead of White for night mode. Still a bit bright.
  • And possibly a less bright picture of the card on the Carousel too. (I’m imagining the way iOS darkens your home screen background in night mode here, if that makes sense. My white Premium card is glaring at me).
  • And toggle for iOS for permanent vs system.

The Dark Gradient for Premium is nice :slight_smile:


Ah darn! I was hoping this bug getting fixed might have been an added bonus of all the work being done for dark mode. You can temporarily fix it by swiping down on the card to go to the account list view and going back to your feed, but it’s not ideal. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

Thanks for the labs release which looks just great. :+1: As someone who has eye issues I’ve struggled at times with the Monzo app but this dark version will help. I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this. :clap:


Also is this release tied to the forum colour scheme changing too or is that something else?

Sounds great!

Amex are another app that have this option, so it’s good to see Monzo getting on board with that configurability too.

Plus all this, eventually, please:

Also, possibly an option for Premium users to choose to have no tint (like standard users), the blue tint (like Plus) or the purple tint (like Premium). Plus would obviously not include the premium option, but it would have the other two. A bit like how you have a “change icon” menu.

That was just a gremlin in the forum software, now corrected

You should be able to change it back using the “Default Theme” option under the “hamburger” menu in the top right

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Icons look a bit funny here

(Apply for a business account)


It’s better than what we had before. Hopefully a darker theme is made available when it fully releases. For now I’m going to have to switch to light mode because this just hurts more. Too much blues and purples and the it’s hard to differentiate with the whites

Great look, wasn’t bothered about dark mode at all but having tried it I really like the dark blue.

I doubt you’ll see anything going to black black, that’s clearly not the way Monzo are taking this version

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Just enabled it. Looks fantastic. Great job team!

And shoutout to the person who first requested it on here, almost 4 years ago :joy:


Yes please!


Y’all need some transparent backgrounds for the card images here. :relaxed:


It’s like @dylanslewis said. The themeing is there. They just need to change the background colour to black.

It can be an option for sure. Hopefully it is going to be. Barney mode is driving me crazy

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You’ve mentioned this a few times. What does this mean?

Looks like the background blue with a Barney colours hue in the top right. I don’t like

I still don’t know what a Barney colours hue is. :man_shrugging:

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It’s a barely noticeable purple.