Dark Mode 🌘

This is fantastic!!! A really novel approach to dark mode. I was fearful it would be the old lazy “make the background black” and be done with it.
I can see thought has gone into this. I’ll submit some feedback soon. Upcoming credits don’t seem to match colour wise.


The dark map is back for ‘location’ transactions :+1:


Nice touch!!

Yes, bank logos need a “light version” and a “dark version”, I think.

Either that or white backgrounds should be replaced with transparency, so the white or dark background both show through correctly.


This is karma biting me isn’t it :smiley:

I just wanted to try it but now I’m not even going to bother as I can’t get it to work :smiley:

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I’m not a fan of dark modes normally, like you say they just do a black background. But this is pretty, I’ll keep it on


I don’t mind this, but ideally there would be options somewhere where you could manually select from:

  • light
  • dark
  • system

A few other apps already do this.


I do love a good toggle. I’m all for it.


Default could still be to follow the system, or course, so it would be a nice advanced feature for users who wanted to tweak it to force one mode or the other.

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You can (:android:):


Ah, interesting.

It doesn’t seem like you can on iOS, unless I’m missing it?

Nope, you can’t on iOS

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Well - that didn’t take long. Already got to the p-word (parity)

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This would also be a top request of mine!

I would like this to be added as yet another setting, ideally, in addition to manual override for iOS.

True Dark is very good for preserving battery life on OLED and for use in low-light environments at night.


Too much blue and purple. Sickly

Respectfully, I disagree - I think it looks nice.


Not really… looks like colour from payment category…

Looks amazing. Personally really pleased it’s a dark blue v total black. Please keep that as a choice cos it’s ace.

Some Feedback;

  • Card Control text is a little hard to read, could it be white?

  • Split the bill still comes up as white background on transaction summary- looks out of place

Nice Job team - looks ace


I stand corrected :smiley:

You don’t even need to edit Control Centre to add a dedicated Dark Mode toggle.

You can just long-press on the brightness slider and there is already a toggle hidden in there.

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