Dark Mode 🌘

Yep sorry was andriod. Updated the post to mention that

When you press down on things it goes yellow/brown

I’m going to be sad when I wake up and see a bright white Monzo screen again :laughing:

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You skipping on the Beta Blue Sky theme?


A Christmas miracle :laughing:

amazing, been waiting for this for ages, thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can we rename this thread to Blue Mode @AlanDoe. Its impersonating my real Dark Mode thread :sunglasses:

There is also an issue with links to Monzo webpages, like the information page about FSCS protection and Service Quality Survey Results.

These webpages (and the rest of the Monzo website, ideally) need work to implement a dark mode. That way, when you navigate to them from the app in Dark Mode, they would appear dark.

A good example of a site where this is done well (depending on device dark mode settings) is the Apple developer website.


The Dark Mode gradient in Premium is beautiful. Well bloody done!


I can do this with a simple swipe from my Personal (Premium) account to my operating Joint Account.
From nicey-nicey gradient to simple-all-black in one swipe. Joint account disparity has some hidden perks.

Monzo Loan accounts also look β€˜all-black’ too. A bit too black in fact.

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Nicely done, but I don’t think I’m ever going to understand dark mode. How is it actually useful? I get that it saves battery if it’s properly black on an OLED screen, but what else? Does a dark blue even help with battery? Still, if this is the sort of thing Monzo are spending time on, their finances must have significantly improved since their last set of accounts…

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It stops your eyes burning from the 1 trillion photons of light emitting from your phone screen in a dark room.

It’s not for everyone and that’s ok. It’s probably the last frequent app I use to have it, which is great.


I’m really happy with what Monzo have done! No complains from me! Bar the odd few tweets which is to be expected. It looks gorgeous especially with the plus and premium gradient


Another minor one:
When responding Yes or No for feedback on Monzo help pages, the thank you text is hard to read.


Not really, nowhere near as much as true black anyway. That’s why many of us would like that as an option. Maybe as part of the theme selector I suggested earlier? That would be my dream implementation.

As to why people use it: a lot of people just prefer the way it looks, or find it better to use at night when they don’t want to be looking at bright white interfaces. Does it actually improve sleep? Again, based on limited research, it doesn’t seem to. But anecdotally some think it is better for them personally.


Guilty as charged and I personally think that is good enough a reason alone for its existence

Making absolutely no judgements upon anyone here, but I would reckon the number of folk concerned with how much battery their banking app uses in the few minutes they use it a day is dwarfed by the number of folks who think it looks nicer or fits better with other apps


Maybe it’s just me, but Monzo is quite the battery drain for a banking app, so taking advantage of the OLED would be quite the boon.

19 minutes of use in the last 24 hours (playing with dark mode and distributing Christmas cash) was enough to make the app responsible for 10% of my battery usage. Second only behind safari which is responsible for 66% but has almost 3 hours of screen time. Messages in third with 9% and 34 minutes of screen on time.

For me Monzo was 12 minutes and only 1% but most of that was background time. So might be worth fully killing the Monzo app when you have finished?

Was just about to report this!

Seconded on iOS.

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Purple mode is battery killer mode