Danske Bank chat

I couldn’t find another thread for Danske Bank (the Northern Irish bank), so here is one.

Has anyone switched to Danske Bank during their current CASS offer and have you received the money already?
I’ve switched, the switch was completed two days ago, paid the £1000 in and waiting to receive the incentive money.
I found the terms slightly unclear with regards to the need for DDs; it says you must switch everything including all DDs, but it doesn’t explicitly state that you must have DDs to be eligible for the offer. I don’t have any DDs so we’ll see what happens.

Isn’t Danske a Danish Bank?

Yes, but they operate in Northern Ireland too.

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I’m the same. I think I’ve another two weeks or so to wait for the £200.

I think it must win the award for the slowest CASS transfer and right up there in complexity of use too.

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It says 10 business days from when you have met the criteria, so that should be 2 calendar weeks max.

I find their main app design to be alright, but why on earth do they need to have a second app for approving logins?!
Their web banking looks like it should be running on Netscape on Windows 3.1.

Given the speed with which it’s moved along so far, I would be very surprised if they hit the 10 day target.

You could always try to order the authenticator device :rofl:

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Speaking of speed, I only received my passcode letter and no user id. My wife received one of her letters 3 weeks later, but not the other either. Either their account opening processes are glacial or they really weren’t ready for whatever flood of applications they are seeing due to this offer.

I had to call them to get my user ID over the phone to be able to access my account (no account details are sent in these letters either, the only place to see the account number is online :exploding_head:)

We had three of us applying on the same day. One got one letter a week later and second a few days on, second was running several days behind and the third is still waiting for the second letter.

Not sure if it’s Danske or the local post as I’m still waiting for something that was posted last Thursday.

I just received my username today, the letter is dated 21st May and posted 1st class… so it’s the Post Office here taking their sweet time.

Used to be first class arrived the next day. Clearly it ain’t worth paying extra for first class anymore :frowning:

Got a letter today dated 12th May… first time I got post in the last 2 weeks and got about 12 letters in one go

I double checked and while the Danske Bank letter itself is dated 21st May, the envelope franking is dated 5th June. So I believe it’s Danske keeping those letters sitting in some outbox for weeks before posting them and not the post office delaying them.

Ten days is sounding even more optimistic now :frowning:

I did the danske bank switch offer and received the £200 within a week of meeting the conditions of the offer. No Direct debits required, just switch an account and lodge £1000. Easy money.

That’s very encouraging!

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