Dangerous history

No, it’s not the new Deadpool film title…

Having recently searched google for ‘monzo limits’ and being directed to a forum page which has a screen shot from 2017 with limits which don’t exist anymore… I realised this could be dangerous.

Dangerous to customers as they may be caught out thinking those limits are reality and trying to stay within them

Dangerous to :monzo: as if I saw those limits and took them for reality, I may make the decision not to move across as my main bank or even at all, as other banks don’t have such limits…

May it be a good idea to possibly clearly mark images/posts as out of date in these cases, and possibly link to more up to date information?


they do have limits if your refering to paying, transfers and topups

Hardly a dangerous thing. Monzo doesn’t have any problems recruiting new customers, especially seen as they currently don’t even advertise.

You are right though, as I pointed out with the outdated terms and conditions, Monzo’s information is looking a little dated. @bea and other staff are creating good FAQs about the and new different aspects of Monzo but maybe they need to go back and strip the website of all the prepaid card information which is still lying about to avoid any confusion as you say.


£120k load limit

Yeah this came up in another thread too, can’t remember which, where somebody came across outdated info.

I do think Monzo should do a quick exercise of adding a warning banner to the top of a load of old blog posts about prepay, or just anything that’s been superseded, saying it’s no longer relevant with a link to up-to-date info.

I prefer the idea of adding banners to actively deleting pages, as that 404s any links that people have set up and may lose page rank that search engines might have attributed to certain pages, never mind losing a little bit of Monzo history!


The forum should probably be set to “no index” as well so give monzo more control and protection from non compliant content