Daily budgets

(TWM) #1


Loot daily budget tool is a nice interface and so not intrusive.


My expenditure is quite lumpy in that many days i spend zero and on some others I spend a lot, which often can’t be helped (fixed & recurring costs).

Also, I’ve found the Pulse Graphic :chart_with_downwards_trend: has served well in smoothing out my expenditure. I can visually see how my variable costs (that I control) affect my balance.

Personally, Daily Targets won’t offer anything more remotely useful for me than Pulse or Monthly Targets already do.

(TWM) #3

Yeah, I’m kinda the same Theo, although I still like to see and therefore measure my fail rate…

(Tom ) #4

What is this from?

(TWM) #5

The initial pic is from loot and the baseball dude is from my camera.